Year 2

Term 1 Week 9

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Fri,25th Oct 2013 - Thu,31st Oct 2013

We have had a very relaxed but purposeful return to school. Last week's highlights included the start of out new IPC unit, a charming little presentation by the Foxes class at the key stage 1 assembly and Think Pink Day.

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


Many thanks to all the parents who were able to come to our class assembly on Thursday. I was very impressed with the children’s ability to think of their own ideas for the assembly and their confidence when speaking in front of an audience.

Next week we will begin to consider our first inquiry question for our Light and Dark unit: ‘Where does light come from?’ We will explore the many different types of light sources found around school and in the wider environment, plotting some of these on simple maps. We will research methods of ‘making light’ and consider places that have no light at all. It would be useful if you discussed this key question with your child over the weekend.

In Literacy, children will be beginning their focus on traditional tales. They will be reading a range of traditional stories from around the world and will be considering similarities, differences and common themes between texts. We will focus on the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ characters within such stories and will attempt to order characters from various texts on a ‘badometer’. If you are not sure what a ‘badometer’ is – ask your child at the end of the week!

In Mathematics the Foxes will continue to measure weight, length and capacity using both standard and non-standard units of measure. For example, the children might measure the length of a table using the non-standard unit of ‘hand spans’, or instead use a standard unit of measure such as centimetres. We hope to form the children’s understanding that non-standard units tend to be unreliable (one person’s hand span may be shorter than another’s) and therefore standard units are required for accurate measurements. Towards the end of the week we will be focusing on time, reading both analogue and digital clocks to the nearest hour and half hour.


We will continue to explore features of Traditional Tales from a selection of countries and begin to look at the similarities and differences in the characters. We will give our opinions on these characters and using evidence from the text to justify it. We will be looking for connectives in all the stories – words which help the story flow in time and link ideas. We will have a new cursive letter to write and some new commonly used words to try and remember using our look, say, move, cover, write and check approach.

We will use our bad characters to collect and record information as well as putting the spotlight on our Mathematics targets and seeing what progress we have made.

We are beginning to share some evidence of our personal targets. Edeena brought in some lovely biscuits (see photograph) she had made and Max shared a video of him surfing in Bali. Don’t worry, still a few weeks left to bring in evidence of your personal target. I will let you know.

In guided reading we will be using questioning to show our understanding of the text. We will begin with literal questions (or right-there questions) where the answer is in the text or the picture. We will use traditional tales at the appropriate level.

The children have some good prior knowledge relevant to our new inquiry unit and some quite incredible misconceptions. Our big idea is: If there was no light, there would be no life. Light also allows us to see all the wonders around us. We started last week with some activities that helped us to focus on light. Maybe you could ask your child why it is possible for a scientist to make the colour yellow but not an artist, using only the colours blue, red and green? We will be looking at sources of light this week and perhaps coming up with some of our own lines of inquiry.


We have had a lovely first week back after the break. Everyone enjoyed the WOW day and we are all eager to learn more about Light and Dark over the next half term.

In maths we have looked briefly at different measurements including weight, length and volume. We will do some more work on this next week looking at reading different scales in grams, millilitres and centimetres. If the children succeed at this we may look at converting into kilograms, litres and metres. We will also be practising our mental maths skills so working out how to add or subtract a one digit number or multiple of ten to or from any two digit number but only using our heads! The children will also be doing some independent activities on telling the time throughout the week.

In literacy we will continue to look at traditional tales. We have already read and retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk so next we will look at each character in the story using drama to find out more about them. We will think about interesting adjectives (describing words) we could use about each character. So instead of writing ‘the big giant’ we could write ‘the enormous giant’. We will also look at how connectives can be used to link ideas and create tension in a story. For example instead of writing ‘Jack was walking along, you could write ‘Jack was walking along when suddenly the giant appeared’.

The children are really enjoying our new IPC topic about light so we will continue to look more into this next week. In Science we will think about the different sources of light and find some light sources around the school. We will also be starting to think about and plan our own experiment about light. That is thinking about scientific questions we may wish to answer, how we could go about answering these and how we could carry out an investigation to answer this question. For example ‘Do plants need light to grow?’ or ‘Can our shadow change shape/size?’.

As it will be Bonfire night during the week we will be looking at fireworks in Art and how we can represent light and dark to show fireworks in the night sky.


First week back from our first half term break and the children have settled back into class routines well!

The children had a wonderful WOW day, learning about ‘Seeing the Light’ in various ways as well as exploring the dark. We have displayed in our classroom the stained art windows that were created on WOW day. The children posed scientific questions about light and light sources. We also addressed common misconceptions about light sources.

In Maths, the children learned about data handling using tables and tallying information. They also learned how to convert that information and present it in the form of a bar chart. Furthermore, the children were able to use a balance scale to compare the weight of 2 objects and state which is heavier/lighter. For Literacy, the children heard and read a traditional tale. They retold the story to each other and focussed on using interesting sentence starters.

This coming week the children will be exploring light and dark in their art work. They will create a fireworks display using wax crayons. We will also be continuing to look at light sources, especially in our environment and discuss the importance of lighting. In Maths, 2J mice will be learning about measuring length, mass and capacity. They will be learning how to choose and use appropriate units of measure as well as suitable measuring instruments. For Literacy the children will continue to look at traditional tales and they will be expressing their opinions about the characters, as well as focussing on connectives such as: because, so, but etc.

Website used this week:


We have had an exciting first week back and have enjoyed the range of light and dark activities on our WOW Day. We have thought about questions that we would like to research and have investigated different light sources around the school.

In Maths we have been looking at how to collect information in an efficient way and have used tally charts. We have used software to create bar charts showing the different light sources in our classroom. We have also been estimating how long things are and thinking about whether objects are longer or shorter than a metre.

In Literacy we have just started our new unit of Traditional Tales. We have listened to and read a few and have thought about what these have in common. We have retold traditional tales and thought about the language used.

Next week in IPC we will be mapping the light sources we find in the Primary School. We will also be thinking about whether we need the sun and what would our world be like without it. The children will research and share information by presenting their work in groups.

In Literacy we will be looking at different familiar settings and using adjectives to add detail to our descriptions. We will look at good characters and bad characters within traditional tales and think of WOW words to describe them. To help your child at home, together you could pick out adjectives and descriptive phrases that describe settings or characters.

In Maths we will be continuing our work on measurements and look at weights and capacity (grams, kilograms, mililitres and litres). We will also be working on our Maths targets and revising our doubles and halves and counting in 10’s and 5’s from any given 1 or 2 digit number.

Ways to help at home: 

Please ask your children to talk about the Traditional Tales they have been unpacking during Literacy. We have all been looking at characters and settings.

Also, asking them to tell you three things they learnt at school that day is a good way to get them to tell you.

Stars of the week: 

Sameera – Risk Taker – For settling so well into Year 2. Sameera has worked hard, made new friends, learnt new routines and, most of all, did it all with a smile! Well done Sameera.

Jiho – Principled -  Jiho behaves impeccably and works hard in every task. He takes responsibility for his own actions and has a brilliant positive attitude!

Nathan displayed the ability to cooperate well last week. He is able to work well with everybody in class.

Anant is becoming a thinker. He can think about his learning and can now review what he has done.

Sea Ryung – Knowledgeable: She has demonstrated her understanding of using tally and bar graph, and she has used mathematical language well.

Abhinav - Open-minded: Abhinav has worked very well in class. He tried new activities with enthusiasm and with more confidence.

Stars: All the Foxes have been risk takers during their brilliant assembly!

Rachel – Principled - for a fantastic attitude to her work and model behaviour.

Sang June – Reflective – for beginning to be reflective and beginning to understand how this can help him improve his work.

Term 1 Week 7

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Fri,4th Oct 2013 - Thu,24th Oct 2013

Dear Parents,

We have thoroughly enjoyed this week! We were very excited to listen to Clive PiG's stories and join in with some of the actions. We have worked hard on our Dream Holiday Destinations and have collaborated successfully with our friends. The children enjoyed getting creative and messy with mod-rock, papier mache, glue and paints!

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


Well it has been a very productive week in the Gruffalo class, with islands being designed and created by some very imaginative and resourceful children. I would just like to say a big well done to all of them for working so hard and being so engaged in this task. We are looking forward to presenting and selling our islands next week to the other Year 2 classes, using the brochures and posters that we have made as well as, of course, the islands themselves!

Next week we will finish up our work on poetry. We enjoyed reciting some poems this week with ‘Poem in my Pocket’ as well as writing poems using adjectives (describing words). We will continue to write poems next week, based on our islands.

In Maths we have looked at British money, including the pound and two pound coins. We made up various totals in our purses. We will practise this more next week. We will also be looking at data handling using tally charts and how to present our results on a pictogram and bar chart. Check out this link for more information and revision:

In IPC, as well as finishing up with our Island Exhibition we will be doing our Knowledge Harvest for our new topic after half term, ‘Light and Dark’.


Many, many thanks for the poems in our pockets on Thursday. Perhaps you could help your child finish the stitching on their pocket if required. The children have created some beautiful lines of poetry using Kit Wright’s poem, The Magic Box, as inspiration. We will be finishing off these poems and hopefully publishing them. The children have made their own magic box to put their poems into. We will also be creating our posters for our space hotels and resorts. We will also be answering three tricky questions that tourists might ask before travelling to their space hotel or resort. We will be preparing our presentations advertising our hotels and resorts. This will all come together on Tuesday and Wednesday when we share our learning with other classes and hopefully with you.

In Mathematics we will be catching up on last week’s plans and introducing some more games to reinforce the learning. I would also like to revisit and assess some of the things we have covered so far, such as: what number comes next, what number is 10 more than, what number is 10 less than, odd and even numbers, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and doubling and halving numbers.

Thank you for the last seven weeks. Tremendous fun and some great learning going on. Have a wonderful Eid and keep safe if you are travelling. Remember your child knows a lot more about holidays now.


We have had a productive week preparing our Dream Holiday destinations. The children have thought about the sizes of different features and tried to make these in proportion. They have been considering the colours to paint them to make them look realistic or futuristic. The children have also been designing a page on the computer to try and persuade people to visit their holiday destination.

We have continued to work on word problems using RUCSAC involving money and are trying to remember to include the units of measurements in our number sentences and answers.

In Literacy we have been looking at alliteration and trying to incorporate this into our own poetry writing. Thank you so much for supporting your child by helping them to find a poem for their pocket. The children really enjoyed sharing them with their friends.

Next week is a short week, but we have a lot planned to pack in! We will finish, share and evaluate our Dream Holiday Destinations and share them with you on Wednesday morning - the children are very excited! We look forward to seeing you between 8.00 and 9.00. We will also be thinking about our prior knowledge of Light and Dark which will be our new IPC unit after the break.

In Literacy we will be finishing off our poetry unit by trying to write a rhyming poem about an aspect of holidays. We will also look at Dr. Punctuation and try and uplevel sentences by using appropriate punctuation.

In Maths we will be focusing on using numberlines to help when adding and subtracting numbers. For addition we will look at starting with the largest number at the left hand side of the line and then partitioning the smaller number into manageable jumps to arrive at the answer. We will also be working on our Maths targets.


Well done to the many Foxes who brought a poem in their pocket to school on Thursday. All the children were very excited to share their poems with the class and they have now been placed on our tree of poems.

Next week is a short week of only three days. In Literacy, the children will be completing their work on poems. They will be making a poem about their dream holiday island and will be attempting to use alliteration to make it interesting and fun to read.  The children will also be making posters ‘advertising’ their holiday island and will be learning to use their voice to persuade people to visit. I hope many of you can come to school on Wednesday to view their projects.

In Mathematics, the children will spend the last few days of term making tally charts and pictograms. We will learn that, when making a tally, we draw four lines and then cross through with the fifth. The children will notice that this is useful because it allows us to count larger numbers by counting in 5s. Once we have created some tally charts, we will find out how we can turn this information into a pictogram to make it easier to read and understand. 

The exhibition of our dream holiday islands will mark the end of our ‘Holidays’ IPC topic. On Wednesday, the Foxes will be looking ahead towards their new unit ‘Light and Dark’. We will find out what we already know about the topic and will be thinking of questions that we would like to answer within our new unit.


This week has been an extremely busy week for Mice! The children worked in small groups to plan and create a holiday destination. They will now evaluate their work and discuss how they are going to present their island in an effort to persuade people to go on holiday there. The children are creating a poster using persuasive language and will continue to work on this this next week. They are focussing on interesting adjectives such as ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’. The children are looking forward to sharing their holiday place and looking at other holiday places throughout Year 2 on Tuesday.  They are especially looking forward to Wednesday when they get to display all their hard work to you! I hope you all can attend.

For Maths, the children will be using their holiday places to create co-ordinates. They will then go on to follow and give instructions involving position, directions and movement on a grid.  The children will create a grid for their island and allocate a position for the physical and human features on the map e,g. My volcano is on A5. The focus will be on the use of mathematical language such as: compass points, turn, quarter turn, direction, route, co-ordinates etc.

Website used this week:

Ways to help at home: 

Soon we will be looking at reading different scales in Mathematics. To help at home look at water bottles/drink cartons and see how much liquid these containers hold. You could help your child measure accurately using measuring jugs whilst cooking or let them experiment with filling the measuring jugs with different amounts whilst playing in the bath.

With your child you could select two objects and see if they can estimate which is heavier. You could also weigh different objects and see how heavy things are so that the children start to have an understanding of kilograms. They can also look at the weight of jars and cans of food.

We are looking forward to our new topic of Light and Dark and would like to have some outside speakers to come into school. We were wondering if anyone was an optician, worked with photography or media lighting, or even had experience within electrical industries and might be able to offer the children some experiences relevant to our Light and Dark unit?

Stars of the week: 

Our Stars of the Week are... Caoimhe for excellent teamwork when making her island, showing both her caring nature and being open-minded. Trisha for being such a hard worker and always trying her best. Well done to you both!

Henry communicated the poem in his pocket enthusiastically and made it fun.

Maya communicated her ideas and thoughts for her poem with a lot of personal voice.

Balanced: Tiffany has balanced her work well this week. She has been able to utilise her time effectively and with ease. Well done!

Reflective: Nathan has worked so hard to reflect on the importance of reading and this week he has read every day for 10 minutes and included a comment in his reading diary.

Toby has been principled in IPC. He was a great team player when designing and making his holiday island.

Simon has been a communicator. He thought of great ideas for his shape poems in school and brought a fantastic ‘poem in his pocket’ from home.

Aysha - Communicator - for listening carefully to the ideas of others and for responding with thought. Well done!

Gustav - Principled - for working hard to learn his Maths target. Keep up the great work!

And a special well done to all of the children who brought in and shared their poems.

Term 1, Week 6

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Fri,27th Sep 2013 - Thu,3rd Oct 2013

Dear Parents,

Firstly thank you for coming into school for our Parent Teacher Consultaion day yesterday. It was lovely to see you all and discuss your child's future targets.

We have had another busy but successful week this week. The children have started to think about their Dream Holiday destinations and are very excited to continue with this project. Please do keep sending in junk - all Year 2 classes will soon be making their holiday dream destinations so we will need as much junk as possible. In particular small boxes will be very useful.

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


We are very excited in the Gruffalo class to hear more about Poetry next week and also to meet Clive PiG and hear some of his poetic works. We have been writing our own shape poetry this week (on shells, sandcastles, lolly pops) and posting them onto our Poet Tree….a tree on which we stick poetry! Check whether you child remembers what a simile, adjective, onomatopoeia or alliteration is. We have been trying to use these special features of language in our poems. We will also continue to practise using these features next week when writing poems.

In Mathematics we will try to consolidate our learning when solving word problems. We will look at how to read a word problem and pick out the important information. We will also think about all the different words that can mean add (altogether/sum/total) and subtract (take away/difference) as we need to know this when reading word problems so we can choose the correct operation.  Looking at calculations with missing numbers for e.g. 12 + ?  =  18, we will be thinking about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. So we can use what we know about subtraction to find the missing number.  If the children have succeeded in these objectives we will also try and look at money towards the end of the week. We will look at each coin up to 1 British pound and think about their value. Using our place value (the value of each digit in a number for e.g. 23 is 2 groups of ten and 3 units) knowledge we will then try to make different amounts of money using the coins.

In IPC, we will be planning our dream holiday destination thinking about where it might be, what the weather might be like, what activities can we do there, what language do they speak, what the terrain is like…the list goes on! If you wish to talk to you child about their ideas over the weekend that would be lovely. Also, please send in junk that they can use to model their dream holiday destination with.


I very much enjoyed meeting the parents of my snakes. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to attend. I will type up the agreed targets and send them home as soon as possible.

Poetry takes centre stage in all our literacy work this week. Listening to poetry, responding to poetry and writing some of our own. Remember to help your child select a poem (doesn’t have to have a water theme) and rehearse reading it aloud several times. They will be carrying their poem in their designer pockets on Thursday and could be asked to read their poem on demand. You should have a tooth-fairy box at home now for emergencies. (see photo)

In Mathematics we will be using our knowledge of number facts and operations to estimate and check answers to calculations. This might be checking the answer to an addition by doing a related subtraction.

For example;

You know that  7 + 8 = 15. Write down three other number sentences using these numbers.

What is the answer to 37 + 8? How can I check?

Only one of these sums is correct. Which one is it? Explain how you know.

25 + 7 = 30
18 + 5 = 28
10 + 10 = 19
19 + 6 = 25
12 + 4 = 14

We will be learning to play a few more mathematical games too.

The end of IPC task producing our space resorts and hotels will be in full production.


The Owls have had a great week and have enjoyed exploring different poems. They have also been counting on in steps of 2's, 5's and 10's from any given number using a 100 square and looking at the pattern. For example counting on in 5's from 6 - 6, 11, 16, 21 etc. In IPC we have been sharing our research from holidays in the past and creating a charcoal picture to present their findings. They have finished their hot or cold pictures which look fantastic! The Owls have also started to think about their dream holiday destination. The children will work in their groups to produce a map of their holiday destination and make a list of human and physical features that will be included. They will also be considering the materials they will need. In literacy we will look at poems with alliteration (words starting with the same sound - the soft swishing sea swells) and explore this in our own poetry writing. In Maths we will be continuing to look at the different UK coins and notes and solve money problems including finding and making different totals, for example 'Can you make 27p with only 3 coins? 'Which coins would you use?' 'Are there any other ways you can make 27p?' And giving change. We will revise the addition and subtraction facts for the numbers to 10 or 20 and continue to work on our individual Maths targets. These should be in your child's communication book on brightly coloured pieces of paper. They need to know these number facts by heart before they get a new target. As your child moves on, please do refer to the older targets to help your child commit the facts to their long term memory.


On Monday, the Foxes will begin the week with an exciting poetry session run by our visiting poet Clive PiG. This links brilliantly to our classroom poetry learning. The children will be writing their own poems with interesting patterns. We will be writing poems that make a shape on the page, such as a poem in the shape of a sandcastle. Children will also be trying to include interesting or ambitious word choices in the poems they write. In Year 2 Foxes, poems do not just talk about the blue sea or the sandy beach, but instead they describe the shimmering blue sea or the beautiful sandy beach!

In Mathematics this week children will continue to explore the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction, an area that was tricky when introduced. We will find out that inversing can help us check our answers when calculating. The children will be given correct and incorrect number sentences and will use inversing to check whether or not the calculation is correct (for example, checking the calculation 10 + 5 = 15 by calculating 15 – 5 = 10). We will also be considering irregular 2D shapes. We will learn that, for example, any 5 sided shape can be called a pentagon, but that it becomes an ‘irregular pentagon’ when the sides are different lengths or in different positions than we are used to seeing. At the end of the week, we will be learning about British coins. We will be counting 2p, 5p and 10p coins and will be solving simple word problems incorporating money.

In IPC, the children will be busy creating their dream holiday destination. They will be making mountains, beaches and other physical features before starting to think about the human aspects of their chosen holiday place. Please can parents send any junk modelling materials, such as cardboard boxes and washed juice cartons, to school to help us with this project.


It was lovely to see all the parents for parent consultation. Thank you for attending the target setting meeting. We can now work on your child’s targets over the coming weeks.

This week the children have been learning about poems and they particularly enjoyed acrostic poems. They created a group poem as well as their own.

We have also been continuing to learn about holiday memories and they have discussed their project for next week. The children have been asked to think about creating their own holiday destination. If they had to encourage people to attend their holiday place, what would they include? They should be able to consider many factors that may affect their choices such as: human/physical land features, appropriate weather/clothing, safety when travelling etc.

So next week, 2J mice will be working in small groups to create their holiday place using junk modelling and papier mache or modroc. They will be using speaking and listening skills to communicate with their group about what their holiday destination should include. They will then draw a design of their place and after that they will construct it! Once completed they will be creating posters to advertise their island using interesting adjectives to describe it. We have a busy week ahead in planning, designing and constructing!

In Math we will be learning about problem solving involving addition and subtraction in the context of money. The children will be learning how to solve a given problem using RUCSAC (Read, Understand, Calculate, Solve, Answer and Check) method, e.g. Sam buys a book for 10p and a balloon for 13p. How much did he spend in total?

The children will revise the value of UK coins and they will be finding the overall total of different amount of coins e.g. I have 3 2p’s, 2 10p’s and 1 5p. How much do I have in total? Later in the week, we will be reinforcing the important skill of reading and writing two and three digit numbers. We will be listening to numbers in words and recording the number in digits. For example one hundred and forty-one is the same as 141.

Ways to help at home: 

Have a look at a variety of poems with your child. Help them to find a poem for Poetry Day next week. Ask them to tell you why they have chosen the poem. What do they like about it? Help your child find patterns in the poem - maybe repetition or rhyming words or alliteration (words starting with the same sound). Help them to read it out loud with expression and encourage them to use actions or sound effects.

Have a look at this site and see if you can write an acrostic poem.

Stars of the week: 

Nova – Communicator as she wrote a very quirky and witty poem about the dreaded affliction of ‘Jetlag’!

Logan - Inquirer for not only making a wonderful souvenir last week, but for being independent and actively enjoying learning by building lots of other very impressive models.

Edeena is my thoughtful star for always being willing to tidy up the classroom and put things away.

Inaara is my resilient star who has finally discovered the look, say, move, cover, write and check secret!

Knowledgeable: Sofia (Fifi) – For working so well in class, demonstrating understanding in her work and completing it with confidence.

Communicator: Tobias read aloud with wonderful expression and fluency.

Natasha has been a thinker in Literacy. She thought of brilliant ideas for her poems. 

Jonathan has been principled. He always greets everyone with a ‘good morning’ at the beginning of the school day.

There are 3 stars of the week this week!

Alexander - Principled and Knowledgeable - he has been working super hard on learning his Maths targets. Keep up the good work!

Harry - Inquirer - he has been asking sensible questions to further his understanding. Well done!

Ji Won - Communicator - for listening carefully and for discussing the pattern of an acrostic poem. Super!

Term 1 Week 5

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Fri,20th Sep 2013 - Thu,26th Sep 2013

Dear Parents,

We have had another exciting week at school and the children are becoming more independent, which is fantastic to see.

Next Thursday, 26th September, we look forward to seeing you and your child for the Parent Teacher Consultation day. Please remember that this is a non-teaching day so there will be no lessons. Your child should come to the meeting with you at the agreed time wearing their batik uniform. Please phone the Primary Office if you are unable to keep your appointment time.

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


We have had a messy Friday here in the Gruffalo class making our souvenirs which we designed ourselves. On Monday we will review our souvenirs and evaluate our planning and product, thinking about things that went well and things that we would change.  The children have enjoyed learning about poetry and we had lots of fun being dramatic when performing different poems about holidays (see the picture below; a little blurry due to some excellent actions by William and Jiho!). We even had a go at writing our own acrostic poems using WOW words and some similes.

Next week we will continue to look at poetry in more detail. In Maths we reviewed 3D shape and started to look at word problems and missing numbers. We will continue looking at missing number work and word problems next week, as well as symmetry in patterns and 2D shapes. In Geography we are going to start thinking about and planning our dream holiday destination, so help your children get their thinking caps on!


The Foxes were true artists this week. They worked together to make an enormous beach scene that is now proudly displayed in our classroom. The children carefully varied the length of their brush strokes when painting and experimented with mixing colours to produce a realistic and impressive piece of art. Make sure you take a look at their creation next time you are in school.

Next week the children will be thinking of their ‘ideal’ holiday destination. We will be considering where our dream destination would be located, what accommodation would be available and what activities we would do for fun. The children will be making a model of their dream holiday destination before the end of term, so we will also be planning how we will make our models and what materials we will need. Alongside this project, the children will continue to consider poetry. We will read and explore many poems which have a holiday or travel theme and will learn that not all poems make sense. Children will begin searching for rhyme and will create nonsense poems about topics that interest them. In Mathematics, the children will be exploring the inverse relationship between ‘doubling’ and ‘halving’ and ‘addition’ and ‘subtraction’. They will also continue to describe 2D and 3D shapes using mathematical vocabulary.



We have had a busy week consolidating out Maths skills and reading different kinds of poems. We have also mixed colours to create a hot or cold background for a well-known human feature from our holiday destinations. We will aim to complete our final piece next week. Thank you for helping your child to complete the questions about holidays in the past. We have been sharing what we have found out and will continue this next week.

We will then move on to planning our ideal holiday destination in small groups. We will map out our holiday destination and discuss features of it. In Literacy we will continue to look at poetry and discuss the patterns and rhymes that we find. In Maths we will continue to solve word problems and check our answers by using inverse calculations. We will also consolidate our knowledge of doubles and halves. Please, please, please send in any junk for modelling! The Owls will begin making their dream holiday destinations soon!


Last week was great. I hope the children came home and told you what they were learning.

This weekend you all have something to do at home. Your child will have come home with information about establishing a personal target for the next six weeks. If you could help them find a suitable target for themselves, record it on the attached sheet and bring it back to school on Monday - I would be very grateful. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday at the target setting conferences. Thank you for taking them so seriously.

We are entering the last few weeks of our inquiry unit and the children will be pulling all their learning together as they plan and create a holiday destination in space. They will have to think about the attractions and the problems created if people starting visiting space. They will then have to be able to promote this destination (using their models, posters, leaflets etc.) and encourage us to holiday there – in 1 minute!  We need small junk urgently now. Also, my gardening enrichment club would appreciate any yoghurt pots, big or small, for seed planting.

In literacy, we have ended our focus on instructional language and finished off our earthquake instructions. I hope your child will be bringing the instructions they created on the computer home soon. They are suitable for home use, too. For the next few weeks we will be diving into some poetry, listening, responding and writing our own.


A big thank you to all the parents that helped 2J Mice to ask questions of a member of their family about holiday memories from the past. Using the answers collected, the children have now begun to create a ‘photo’ album. They will now go onto create a holiday they have taken in the present as well as a holiday they might take in the future. Using all that they have learned, the children will be planning a project about their ideal holiday destination. Any junk is gratefully accepted! They will also be learning about how people on holiday can harm or improve the environment, as well as safety on holiday destinations.

In Maths the children will be learning about number patterns and how to continue with a sequence. Later in the week, they will be exploring symmetry.  Children will be identifying symmetry in shapes as well as looking at reflective symmetry. 

This links nicely with Literacy and how the children will be identifying patterns in language and layout such as shape poems, acrostics and limericks. They will be writing a poem using pattern in their layout.

Ways to help at home: 

Have a go at finding 10p.

Too easy? Try and find larger amounts

Stars of the week: 

Suah – Principled- for working hard and being a good role model to the rest of the class.

Gabi – Inquisitive- for always trying her best during lessons and in her work.

Jessica is my Star of the week for being a risk taker and 'having a go at something'  for the last two weeks.

Shaunak is my other star for being knowledgeable - he is very competent on the computer.

Caring: Kaira – For being so thoughtful and being generous with her time and sharing her clothes when needed.

Inquirer: Tiffany – For asking her grandpa questions about his holiday and being able to compare the differences.

Leonardo has been principled. He has been considering the feelings of others in the class.

Darren has been a thinker. He thought carefully about the number of tens and units in two digit numbers.

Gavin - for being reflective and for being so keen to self-correct and understand his Maths work.

Ahyun - for being an inquirer. She experimented well with hot and cold colours and different materials in Art.

Term 1, Week 4

Display Newsletter: 
Fri,13th Sep 2013 - Thu,19th Sep 2013

The Year 2 children have had a week full of exciting learning activities.

In many classes, the children have been busy writing sets of instructions. The children have learnt to include important features such as imperative verbs (bossy words!), numbers, diagrams and 'How-to' headings. It's been a pleasure to see the children enjoy writing so much. Make sure you ask them about their instructions at home.

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


The Foxes have had a super week. Thank you to all the parents that replied to the History questions that the children wrote. They were very excited to bring their answers back into school and were fascinated to compare their answers with the answers of their friends.

Next week the children are going to continue their History focus. They will be using a range of sources to find out about holidays in the past and will create a 'Holiday Museum', choosing carefully what to select and display to represent how holidays have changed over time. The children will also consider the ways in which holidays are presented artistically. We will be making sand sculptures using resources collected in the natural environment. In Literacy, the children will begin to find out about poetry. We will look at poems that make interesting shapes on the page and we will be listening to poems that have a repetitive style. In Mathematics, the children will be learning to partition numbers and will consider a greater range of word problems to include those involving money.


We have had a super week and particularly enjoyed the Loose Cannon performance today. Next week in IPC Art we will be looking at how colours are used to depict hot and cold. We will experiment with different colours and materials and begin to plan our own holiday picture. In Literacy, we will begin our new unit of ‘Poetry’. We will listen and respond to different poems and try to state and justify our preferences. We will discuss similarities and differences of the poems and pick one to perform with a friend. In Maths we will be looking at the British coins and tackling word problems involving money. We will work together with a partner to discuss how we will solve the problem and what we will do and learn to check our answers by using the inverse. We will also continue with our quick recall of number facts.


Thank you for helping your child research and then share the wonderful information they got from their grandparents last week. I think they now have a much better understanding of what holidays were like in the past, thanks to this research. The children learnt some new words last week such as; resilience, prediction and partitioning. We will continue to think about how resilient we are this week.

The Guided Reading has been going well and your child should be home this weekend with another book we have ‘unpacked’ and worked through. Please ask them to read this book to you and perhaps explain the work they have brought home to accompany the book. Groups will be unpacking another book this week, looking at new vocabulary and predicting what will happen next in a story. The children will be finishing their instructional posters (see photograph attached) using photographs and text on the computers. They are so good at taking shared photographs and documents from the P Drive and saving into their own domain! We will also return to the instructions we tried to write in groups at the very start - and now make improvements. We have begun to write cursively and have mastered the letter i. Another letter next week.

In Mathematics we will be revisiting the names and properties of 3D shapes. We will also be looking for (and then try to continue) number patterns. And some more partitioning. In mental maths we will be using our human number line and pendulum count to look at number sequence and the language of order and position. In our Holiday unit we will have to spend a bit more time on the question: what problems do tourists create by going on holiday?

We will also be getting into our groups to think about and begin to design a holiday resort for the future – in space. Could you please assist by keeping, cleaning and then sending in to school any good quality packaging that your child thinks might help build our models?


This week we have been really productive in the Gruffalo class. We decided to change our instructions choice from earthquakes to checking in at the airport. We have been using drama to become more familiar with what to do at check in and some children followed the instructions really well, particularly Benjamin and Daniel who followed the ‘relax in the departure lounge’ with great enthusiasm (see picture)!

Next week in literacy we are going to begin poetry and look at structure and language of poems. In Mathematics we will be looking at working out a missing number from a calculation as well as number problems and puzzles. We will continue to look at how holidays have changed and develop this idea further by discussing the impact of this change on holiday destinations and the environment. We will also begin to look at art forms from around the world as well as souvenirs. If you have any souvenirs that you would be prepared to send in for your child to share that would be fantastic!


This week the children have been learning about holidays from the past. We looked at pictures of people and holiday places from a long time ago. We then discussed the differences that we can see. All the children went home and asked an older family member about their holiday in the past. We will now compare their own holiday experiences to their elder, and then discuss what holidays might look like in the future.

In Mathematics the children will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes. In Literacy the children will be looking at poems, including the use of pattern in language and structure.

Ways to help at home: 

Play this simple partitioning game at home to reinforce your child's understanding of how many 'tens' and how many 'units' there are in a two-digit number. Children must match the number of cubes to the written number (do not count each cube!).


Stars of the week: 
Well done to this week’s stars who will get to take home Derek and Gruffalo!

Benjamin has been a super inquirer this week by thinking about different ways to solve addition and subtraction calculations.

Riddhima has been principled this week as she works hard, follows intructions and always tries her best.

Vika was a star communicator last week for teaching us all how to say good morning in Russian.

Molly was a fantastic inquirer for taking her research that bit further and supplying photographs and extra information.

Thinker – Oskar. For thinking about his work especially in Maths and how to do his best.

Reflective – Muhammad. For thinking about things and making changes to stay on the right track.

 Yashawini has been a thinker. She thought of a brilliant Mathematics game for children to play in the classroom.

Felicia has been a communicator. She thought carefully to discuss all properties of 3D shapes she could think of.

 Heather – Risk-taker – for persevering when she found her Maths work challenging and for finding the pattern in the sequence of numbers.

Samuel – Communicator – for expressing his views confidently, articulately and politely when he was ordering pictures from the past, present and future.

Term 1, Week 3

Display Newsletter: 
Fri,6th Sep 2013 - Thu,12th Sep 2013

It was wonderful to see so many of the Year 2 children participating in the House Representative Elections this week. All the teachers were very impressed with the various speeches, posters and other resources that children prepared at home for use during the elections. We are very excited to announce that the following children were elected as the Year 2 House Representatives.

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


The Foxes have been busy exploring the many types of instructions that we encounter in the world around us. Next week, we will be applying all that we have learnt to write our very own sets of instructions. We will turn a corner of our classroom into the ‘Foxes Travel Agency’ and will provide a wide range of instructions to potential travellers wishing to go on holiday. The Foxes will also begin to consider holidays from a historical perspective. We will be learning about how holidays have changed over time and will be designing questions to ask parents and grandparents about their holidays in the past. In Mathematics, the children will begin the week by learning to recognise 2D and 3D shapes. They will then learn to recognise and continue number and shape patterns before attempting to solve some mathematical word problems at the end of the week.


Next week we will be thinking about how people on holiday can have an impact on the environment. We will also be thinking about how holidays may have changed and will be looking at images of holidays from the past and present. We will also write some questions to help us find out. To support your child with this, please help them to ask an older family member so we can compare past and present holidays. In Literacy we will be evaluating the set of instructions we have written this week and In Maths we will be looking at and comparing 2D and 3D shapes and investigating their properties. We will also be revising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and working on our quick recall of simple addition and subtraction facts.


Your child should be home with a few questions to ask their grandparents this weekend. Don’t worry if it can’t be done for any reason. But, if you could let them ask their questions through email, Skype or phone it would be very interesting to share their answers back at school this week. You can email me the answers if you want. Letters and Sounds groupings start this week. Your child might be working in another class for these small workshops depending on what phase they are at. We will be making posters (in ICT) with text and photographs that tell people what to do in an earthquake (ask your child to say what is happening in the attached photograph). We will be looking at ‘bossy’ words as we carry on exploring the language and lay-out of instructions. In Power Writing I will be warning the children about Sargent Sabotage and helping them find ways they to stop him having a strong influence on their writing!  We will begin to think of some inquiry questions, or I wonder questions, to accompany our unit’s lines of inquiry and think of holidays in the future – especially the thought of travelling into space. We will continue to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. I hope your child shared with you their handy odd and even calculator last week. We will continue to work with numbers up to 100, looking at place value and attempting partitioning. Mentally, we will be getting quicker at counting skills and number facts to 10 and 20. The Guided Reading book your child brought home this weekend should be returned on Monday. We have a theatre performance on Friday from a visiting group called, Loose Cannon. 


We have had another busy week in the Gruffalo class. We have planted seeds and written instructions, we have explored some maps and looked at different physical and human features around the world. Just a note to say reading books are changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (if you wish your child’s books to be changed more frequently that is fine too). In Mathematics next week we will be continuing to apply what we have learnt in place value to adding and subtracting as well as recalling number facts and bonds. Towards the end of the week we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes. In literacy we will be working towards writing instructions independently focusing on what to do if there is an earthquake. We will review our work making sure we have all the different features of an instructional text. We will start thinking about the history of holidays, what holidays were like in the past and how they have changed into what they are today. Anything you can send in such as photographs, postcards, souvenirs etc of holidays that the children have went on in the past or that you or your parents have went on would be really useful.


This week the children have been looking at maps and how holiday destinations can be found on the map of a world. They have looked at the continents as well as discussing human and physical features. They have continued to look at features of an instruction and they have written an instruction on how to pack a suitcase. For Maths, the children learned about what each digit represents and they have begun to learn about addition and subtraction.

Next week the children will begin to consider holidays from a historical perspective. They will continue to learn about addition and subtraction in Maths as well as 2d and 3d shapes. And for Literacy they will be using the features of an instruction text to write their own.

Ways to help at home: 

Help you child learn to calculate their number bonds to ten rapidly with this fun electronic game:

Help your child order and write instructions using this this online activitiy:

Stars of the week: 

Gun woo – Principled as he always listens and tries his best.

Oliver – Risk taking as instead of rushing to finish his work he took lots of time trying to use cursive writing.

Two Communicators this week. Max and Tia are already skilled readers but they also read aloud with wonderful expression and fluency. It is a joy to listen to them read a story.
 Neiven – Risktaker: For having the courage to stand up in front of his house team and presenting his reasons for being a house captain.

Aila – Knowledgeable: For applying herself to every  task at hand and working with diligence.

Callum has been a Communicator. He listened to and followed instructions very carefully.

Julia has been principled. She has been remembering our class rules and helping others make the right choices.

Emily – Thinker & Communicator – Emily has been taking her time to think about questions asked and is then able to communicate her ideas articulately. Well done!

Nil – Risk Taker – she has worked hard learning new strategies to add numbers and has persevered. Keep up the good work.

Term 1, Week 2

Display Newsletter: 
Fri,30th Aug 2013 - Thu,5th Sep 2013

 It has been a fantastic first full week of school in Year 2. All the children enjoyed their Wow Day on Tuesday, during which they took part in a ‘world tour’ visiting Indonesia, India, New Zealand, Italy and even Tanzania! The children particularly enjoyed smelling and tasting durian in Indonesia, practising the Haka war dance in New Zealand and exploring Henna hand art in India. The day has provided a great starting point for the exciting learning that lay ahead in our ‘Holidays’ IPC unit.

Focus for Learning: 


This is what we are learning next week


A very warm welcome to Anoushka and Ella who started in the Foxes class on Wednesday. Both girls have just arrived in Jakarta and did a fantastic job at settling in to our class and routines quickly. Next week, the Foxes class will be considering the question ‘Are all holiday destinations the same?’. We will be using all the fantastic holiday photographs and souvenirs that have been sent in to school to compare holiday destinations, looking at both similarities and differences. We will continue to consider maps of different scales and will find out how the weather influences our choice of holiday activities. Children will continue to explore instructions within Literacy. They will be considering all the different types of instructions associated with an aeroplane flight, including how-to guides, such as ‘how to book a ticket’ and ‘how to check in’, safety instruction cards and even recipes for inflight meals!  In Mathematics, children will be developing their understanding of place value, rounding to the nearest 10 and will be learning to solve simple word problems.


The Owls have had a great week and are settling into their routines well. They thoroughly enjoyed our WOW Day and loved visiting the different countries. Next week we will be looking at atlases, maps and globes to see if we can locate where we are from, where we live, where we have been on holiday and other popular holiday destinations. We will also be reading and thinking about the order of instructions, and at the end of the week we will be writing our own set of instructions. In Maths we will be learning that addition is the inverse of subtraction and we will be writing related number sentences. The children will also be rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and explaining their thinking while problem solving.


I would like to issue a warm welcome to our three new members of the class – Sofia, Neiven and Tobias, who have settled well into BIS. This is the children’s first full week in Year 2 and is has been exciting! The children have enjoyed learning about different countries and they all went on a mystery tour around the world. They ‘travelled’ to New Zealand, Tanzania, Bali, India and Italy. 2J Mice had the opportunity to look at the different elements from each country such as food, culture and landmarks.

Next week the children will focus on the different holiday destinations around the world and discuss similarities and differences. For Literacy, 2J Mice will be continuing to explore instructions and they will be identifying features of an instruction and then writing their own. In Mathematics, they will be learning about place value and using symbols representing greater than and smaller than.


What a busy and exciting week in the Gruffalo class! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the WOW day and a big thank you for sending the children in so well prepared for their exciting day of international travel.  Next week we will be looking at where the different countries that they have visited are on a map and globe. We may even try and make our own maps using coordinates and a key. We will also share our collection of holiday things from summer and make a class scrap book with them. In maths we will be looking at place value and portioning numbers which will help the children with their addition and subtraction skills. We will then apply this to solving word problems. In literacy we are going to look at instructions in more depth. We will have an exciting project to complete on Monday by following instructions and will write our very own instructions towards the end of the week.


We will be carrying on our inquiry into the places people go on holiday and the holidays that our families and other people had in the past. We might get a chance to look at some of the wonders of the world and where they are. We will be using an atlas (see picture) to locate countries. I would like the children to interview an older relative and ask about the holidays they remember as a child. In mathematics we will be counting on and back in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will be using the greater than and less than sign; we will look at odd and even numbers and rounding a two-digit number to the nearest 10.  We will continue to look at the language of instructions and what makes effective instructions and writing some of our own. In ICT the children will be using their new log in details to save and retrieve work.

Ways to help at home: 

Instructions come in all shapes and sizes. Search around your home for examples of instructions to share with your children. These might include instructions from games, instructions for electronic equipment, user manuals or recipes. You could also visit websites such as with your child and explore some of the many ‘how-to’ guides available online.

Send some examples of the instructions you have found in to school so that your child can share them with his or her classmates.

Stars of the week: 
Narmeen – Principled as she always follows instructions and has lovely manners.

William – Knowledgeable as he knew lots of amazing travel and country facts during our WOW day.

Edeena and Meesha for being real inquirers, when they found out they could locate countries on a map of the world using an atlas.

Tristan – Principled. Tristan has settled well in class and has followed routines extremely well. He has been a good role model for other children.

Lauren – Communicator. Lauren has listened very well in class. She has been confident to answer questions as well as helping other children by explaining a given task when necessary.

Ella and Anoushka have been risk takers this week. After both starting on Wednesday, they have settled in to their new class fantasitically, making friends and learning our routines quickly. Well done!
Wen Rui – Risk Taker & Principled. Wen Rui has settled in well, made new friends and has been working really hard to make sensible choices.

Euan – Communicator. Euan was able to tell us in detail about his holiday. He was able to explain his tickets, maps and souvenirs he had brought back with confidence.

Term 1, Week 1

Display Newsletter: 
Fri,23rd Aug 2013 - Thu,29th Aug 2013

A very warm welcome to Year 2!

It has been a pleasure to welcome both new and returning children to the year group this week. All the classes have been extremely busy establishing routines, sharing holiday experiences and looking forward to the year ahead.

Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


It has been a brilliant three days getting to know the Foxes' class. All the children returned to school full of energy and enthusiasm for the term ahead. It was wonderful to hear about all their holiday adventures and view some of the interesting photos and souvenirs which were brought in to class to share. Next week, we will begin our ‘Holidays’ IPC topic with a Wow Day on Tuesday. Following our Wow Day, we will be learning about the many different countries that the children in the class have visited on their holidays and will be making world maps to show our travel experiences. In Literacy we will be learning to listen and follow simple instructions in a range of real-world contexts. In Mathematics, children will be counting and grouping objects, finding out about partitioning and ordering two-digit numbers from smallest to largest.


 2J mice have settled in very well and I am pleased to see how most of the children have begun to follow class routines quickly. The children were very eager to catch up with their friends and they have welcomed our three new members of the class openly.  We have already had a few ‘Show and Tells' about holidays that were taken during the  holidays.  This links in very nicely with our 1st IPC unit in Year 2 which is all about holidays! On Tuesday, Year 2 will have a WOW day, during which they will be learning about different countries that the children have visited. In Literacy we will be listening to and following instructions within real-world contexts. In Numeracy, children will be counting, grouping and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.


We have had a fantastic start to the school year in the Gruffalo class and it has been lovely getting to know the children and parents. I look forward to meeting you all during the coming term.  An extra welcome to Sebastian G who is new to our class. Next week we will begin our ‘Holidays’ IPC topic with a Wow Day on Tuesday. Following our Wow Day, we will be learning about some similarities and differences between different holiday locations, their own country, and host country. We will also talk about any holidays they have been on and recall some of the activities they took part in. In Literacy, we will begin to explore and experience instructions and even have a go at writing some of our own! In Mathematics we will be ordering numbers and talking about which is greater or less and use symbols to show this. We will also be practising our counting skills to 100.


Firstly welcome back and a special welcome to our new children Ahyun, Harry and Wen Rui and their families. We have had a great few days together in the Owls class and the children have been brilliant! Next week on Tuesday we will have our WOW day to help us begin to think about our first IPC topic – holidays.  Remember to send your child dressed as a holiday maker with some hand luggage. We will be starting to think about why people go on holiday and how holidays are different. We will be listening carefully to instructions and thinking about why instructions are important. You could have a look around the house with your child and see if you could find any examples of instructions, e.g. cooking instructions, instructions for a game or toy, etc. We will also be counting objects by grouping them and ordering numbers on a number line.


Next week it is the Snake’s first full week in Year 2. We begin to look at the purpose, and language used, for instructions. In Mathematics we will be working with numbers up to 100, perhaps ordering, counting, grouping and partitioning them. Guided Reading will start for all groups with the focus being on the skill of Questioning. We have our WOW day on Tuesday to get the children excited about our new unit of inquiry. Holidays will be the focus of the children’s writing later in the week. Perhaps they can tell you about the big three (see picture) when it comes to writing a sentence. We will visit the ICT lab to see if we can log on as Year 2s and remember our way about Windows.

Ways to help at home: 

 If you have not already done so, please try and send some items from a recent holiday to school so that your child can share them with their class.

Items could include holiday photographs, postcards, tickets, boarding passes or souvenirs. These personal items will offer a wealth of learning opportunities throughout our IPC 'Holidays' unit.

Stars of the week: 
All the Year 2 children have been stars this week for settling in to their new routines so well!

Term 3

Display Newsletter: 
Fri,21st Jun 2013 - Thu,27th Jun 2013

This week we have been enjoying our time together before we end year 2. Classes have been making models of dream circuses, juggling with their own hand-made bean bags, and filling in their transition booklets for their new teacher.

We would like to thank all parents for their involvement and support over the past year. We wish the families who are leaving all the best.

Happy holidays!

With best wishes,

The Y2 Team.

Focus for Learning: 


This is what we are learning next week


 Thank you, parents! Hope you all have a lovely Summer. See you around the year 3 pod.


 Thank you for your support this year. Best wishes, Anna.


 Thank you to all. Have a great holiday. Andy.


 Thank you and all the best, Karl.


 Thank you and have a great holiday. Kieron.

Ways to help at home: 


Keep a Diary: especially if you go away to somewhere different. Just a few minutes each day to describe what they have done and how they felt about it. This could even turn into a scrapbook of their holiday.


Make Something: it could be a collage picture of a scene they have seen, a junk model or a new invention, cutting, sticking, painting and colouring help motor skills and being creative stimulates their brain.


Hold a ‘Tables’ Competition: depending on their targets, you could give them a short time each day to learn their times tables, then play ‘quickdraw’ (you have to shoot the other person with the correct answer). If there is just two of you, you can turn over number cards or roll a dice to determine what to multiply by. This can be for the 2, 5, 10, 3 or even 4 times tables. Remember to try and include division facts too.


Share a chapter book: if you don’t already, read some longer texts with your child, returning to read a bit more regularly. Roald Dahl has written lots of good ones, Harry Potter may interest your child or larger non-fiction books can be good for stimulating conversation too.


Your child may like to do these on their own, however if you are able to spend some time with them on their activities they will love having you involved. Being able to talk through their ideas also increases their reasoning skills and communication abilities.


If your child has access to a computer, there are various online resources that you can use. select the ‘Try it now’ button and you can join as a parent (there may be a fee) this allows you to set activities for your children to do. a free touch typing course that we have used during the year – remind your children to use the home row and not to look at their fingers! free activities to support numeracy, literacy and science. numeracy and literacy activities and games.– lots of songs and activities, specifically aimed at helping children to learn and improve their English. this is the free part of the website which has phonics based games to help reading and spelling.

Stars of the week: 



Term 3 Week 9

Display Newsletter: 
Fri,14th Jun 2013 - Thu,20th Jun 2013

week 9 1.JPG
Focus for Learning: 

This is what we are learning next week


Wow! Doesn’t time fly? The last week of school for the Mice class, the last week of Year 2. Finally we are all ready for Year 3. But before that, we have one more week of learning to fit in. In Literacy we will be writing our ‘Horrid Henry Goes To the Circus’ story. Using all the skills we have practised over the last few weeks to make our stories interesting and exciting to read. In numeracy we will be reviewing the key concepts we have looked at over the year. We will be solving problems using our basic Maths skills and choosing the best calculations to find the answers. In IPC we will be preparing for our Exit point by building our model circuses. These will be on display for the rest of Year 2 to see. Lastly, a quick thanks to all those parents who have written back to their children via email. It really helped to make the experience realistic for them.

Next Week:

Monday -Year 2 talent show for the chosen 10 performers, we will also visit the ‘Subway Breeze’ Kiosk to order lunch.

Tuesday - is a normal day preparing for our exit point on Wednesday.

Wednesday - PE as normal - remember your child needs to come in uniform and change at school. Exit point show.

Thursday - Mufti clothes for Party day, please remember to send in your party treats. The children also need swimming kit in a bag.

Friday - Last day in Year 2 ever - house colours mufti!


We are going to have only one real objective next week, and that is to have fun, enjoying our last few days together being Gruffaloes. We have a lot of brilliant memories of the things we have achieved this year, and a lot to celebrate. To complete our fantastic learning in IPC, we will finish our Dream Circus models, complete with posters and tickets. We are going to practise column addition and continue to race-against-the clock to improve our times tables recall. The children are going to meet their new teachers on Wednesday and class lists will be sent home that day. The class are busy enjoying their Transition programme having been to eat at the Rainbow cafe and visit the KS2 playgrounds. We are going to finish the booklets for their new teachers next week, which will be completed in Y3.  

Important dates next week:

Monday Y2 Talent Performances for the final 10 children.

Tuesday Swimming as usual.

Wednesday we visit the Subway Breeze at lunchtime.

Thursday Party food and Disco celebrations. Wear PE kit  and bring party clothes in a bag.

Friday is the last day of school - house colours mufti.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for what has been one of the most enjoyable years in my teaching career. I have really loved teaching our class and getting to know all of you.


Next week in Literacy we will finish word processing our Horrid Henry stories. In Maths we will be using different methods to display data and revise our basic calculation skills. We will continue to work in our groups to make and promote our ideal circuses, we will share these with the other classes in our Exit Point. We will also continue to prepare for Year 3 by completing the Year 2 section of our transition booklets. Some special events are coming up next week too so that we can enjoy our last week together and celebrate all we have achieved together this year.

Monday - the talent show for the 2 finalists in each class.

Wednesday - your child will spend a lesson meeting their new Year 3 teacher and classmates.

Thursday - your child can wear mufti clothes for our Party day. We will also go to the Subway Breeze to use our swipe cards.

Friday - the last day of school in Year 2 - house colours mufti.

I would like to thank you all for your support over the year and wish you a very happy and relaxing summer holiday. I have really enjoyed teaching the Owls and they have had an action packed, fun and successful year. Well done, Owls! :-)


The last week in Year 2 for the Snakes. What an amazing and fulfilling year it has been. Watching these children develop through Year 1 and then guiding their progress in Year 2 has been a real privilege. Next week we will be focussing on the final preparations for Year 3. We will be visiting the ‘Subway Breeze’ kiosk on Friday. We will be finishing our transition booklets ready for our new teachers. On Wednesday we will be meeting our new teachers and discovering who will be in our classes in Year 3. On Thursday we have our Year 2 end of year party. Please remember to send your child in mufti clothes, but also with their swimming kit as normal. Friday is house colours Mufti, there is no charge for any mufti next week. All through the week we will be preparing for our circus exit point, which should be something worth waiting for.


The Foxes can hardly believe how quickly the academic year has passed by. We will spend next week celebrating our achievements during the year and looking forward to the challenges and new experiences Year 3 offers. After some very successful auditions, the final week of term will begin with the Talent Show Assembly. The children will continue with their Year 2 to Year 3 transition programme on Tuesday by visiting the Subway Breeze cafe to purchase their own lunch using their swipe cards. On Wednesday children will meet their new teachers and find out their new class groups. Then on Thursday children will enjoy a class party and disco to mark the end of the year. On Friday, it is house colours mufti no charge. In between all these exciting activities, the children will be writing their own Horrid Henry stories, revisiting key calculation skills, designing and making their own juggling bean bags and creating their very own circus act. A busy final week to end a very busy and successful year!

Ways to help at home: 

Over the summer break, the best thing that you can do for your child is maintain the skills they have acquired this year. Give them a book with lined pages so they can keep a diary of their holiday time. Challenge them to verbal timetables and mental Maths tests and keep scores, see if they can improve their records. Let them help you solve everyday problems such as how to organise the day. Give them the chance to experience as many new and exciting things as possible and share their excitement of new experiences. Encourage them to interact with different friends, and allow them to play sports and be active. Children thrive on new experiences and enjoy challenging themselves. Have fun!

Stars of the week: 

Tara – Communicator. Tara has gained confidence recently and she been more comfortable answering in class and explaining her answers.


Kate - Caring and Balanced. Kate has shown how helpful she can be and she has also demonstrated her interests in singing, dancing and being creative.

Elizabeth - Communicator - for clear and logical expression of ideas when planning for our picnic.


Armand - Caring - for such caring and sensible behaviour with Y1 while planning our picnic.

Malvyn - Balanced - for coping so well with the disappointment of not being chosen for our talent show.


Jonathan - Risk-taker - for joining in with our class discussions so much more.

Thomas has been a thinker. He has had some brilliant stories in Literacy for his Horrid Henry story.

Camille has been open minded. She thought of some excellent rules for a safe and happy circus in IPC.

Omar and Mohamed have both been principled and risk takers. They have been working really hard to improve their skills and I am so impressed with their positive, determined attitudes.