Term 1 Week 6

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Fri,30th Sep 2011 - Thu,6th Oct 2011

We have been wonderfully busy in school this week. The children have been learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes and how to sort them using a venn diagram, and we have been making up stories in familiar settings. We have also begun creating amazing models of places we have seen on our holidays. The Year Two teachers have decided that we will use these models to celebrate the end of this IPC unit next month. We shall be making a giant world map outside and the children will place their work on the correct continents!

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Focus for Learning: 


This is what we are learning next week


To describe our own familiar settings. 

To create and describe characters.


To add two numbers counting on from the largest number

To subtract by counting on from the smallest number (Finding the difference)

Solve money problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication or division in contexts of numbers, measures or pounds and pence


To import images into a publisher document to create a travel poster.


To place events on a time line.

To research and compare Victorian holidays with holidays today.


Celebration assembly.

Ways to help at home: 
Stars of the week: 


Hayden for being balanced and working and playing beautifully both in school and at home. Vidhi for being reflective regarding her handwriting and presentation.
Brian has been a risk-taker with his joined up handwriting. Yi Yo has been principled and getting on with her work without being asked.
Lily has been a thinker - she could explain why moving to gold level was a good choice for her. Chelsea has been balanced as she supported other children during their ICT lesson.
Nate has been a careful thinker in Maths. Azel has been knowledgeable as he has completed lots of Maths problems.
Nick has been an inquirer and has worked hard to find out if shapes are symmetrical. Kelli has been reflective; adding connectives and making changes to improve her Power Writing.