Term 2 Week 7

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Fri,24th Feb 2012 - Fri,2nd Mar 2012

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday this week children in Year 2 enjoyed our Indonesian transport morning. The event links with our current IPC topic of transport and aimed to expose children to a variety of traditional Indonesian modes of transport. Children had the opportunity to travel in a bejaj, ankot, delman and kancil! Take a look at the photo section to see photographs of children enjoying the transportation!

Next Wednesday we will be celebrating National History Day. During this day, classes in Year 2 will be making a very large mural to celebrate the last 12 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Each class in the year group has a selection of significant events which occurred between 2000 and 2012 to represent. Many thanks in advance to any parents who have agreed to help during the day.

Have a good weekend!

The Year 2 Team

Focus for Learning: 


This is what we are learning next week


Children will be continuing their consideration of information texts. Children will be learning to write simple texts about topics which are familiar to them and will be learning to include the important organisation features that make an information text easy to read.


Children will be continuing to learn about time. They will learn to read a analogue clock with increasing accuracy and then will be developing their ability to compare units of time. They will then be considering mathematical word problems that incorporate time. Some children will be learning to calculate time intervals.


Children will be introduced to the programme Microsoft Photo Story. They will learn to start a new Photo Story,  upload photos into the programme and save their document for later editing.


We will focus on history in IPC this week with the celebration of World History Day and the creation of our mural to celebrate the rein of Queen Elizabeth II.


 Children will be introduced to our new IPC topic 'Its Good to be Me!'.

Ways to help at home: 

Keep helping your child learn to tell the time at home with this useful activity from the BBC. Higher levels of the game develop important early problem solving skills by calculating times in the past and future.


To help your child's literacy development this week, discuss the features of an information text with them at home. Go to the library or look around the house for an information text. Can you find a book with a contents page? With a glossary? Discuss these important features of information texts with your child.


Earlier this week, a letter was sent home regarding the BIS jubilee time capsule currently being planned. Why not help your child understand a little more about the concept of a time capsule, as well as learn a little more about why the jubilee is celebrated, by visiting this official project website.

Stars of the week: 


Aphra has been principled. She always does her best in class!

Charlotte has been knowledgeable. She has made excellent progress in both Mathematics and Literacy.

Marcus has been a thinker. He has been improving his Mathematics skills and thinking of logical answers.

Arissa has been a risk taker. She was been trying new things in class

Micah has been reflective. He has worked hard on his handwriting and made much improvement.

Domenique is a thinker. He has used a dictionary to work out the definition of a word.


Christopher has been principled this week. He has been eager to learn new number concepts in Mathematics.

Eunsea has been principled. He has worked so hard for the entire week!

Kyle has been a thinker this week. He has worked really hard in Literacy looking for information in texts.

Maggie has been principled. She has been trying her very hardest in Mathematics.


Sharran has been a thinker. She has been trying really hard in her 'thunks' in Mathematics.

Dylan Ma has been principled. He has made a fantastic effort in all areas.