Dear Parents,

‘Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time. That's why they are called the foundation years – the building blocks for life! During these foundation years, children's health, maternal mental health, parenting styles, learning activities and early education are all influencing factors that can make a big difference to your child's future.’

This week in FS2 the children have been measuring anything and everything. They have been using measuring tapes, links and unifix to measure their friend’s feet, legs and bodies. They have also measured chairs, tables, bookstands to name but a few. Also this week we have been reading one of the children’s favourite books ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. The children were given their own magic beans to plant outside and already we have started to observe our very own beanstalks growing in the soil. Skipping has really taken off this week too and the children – boys especially have shown sheer determination to learn how to skip. They have been counting their skips and Max was so excited to skip all the way to 30 and to achieve the highest score.

There has been a hive of activity in our outside environment this week with the opening of a restaurant. The children have called it ‘The German Restaurant’ and have adorned the tables with pretty table cloths and jars of fresh flowers. They have written and laminated their own menus and have been busy taking orders. 

We are continuing to talk to the children during circle times about being kind to their friends, sharing and taking care of the toys and resources in school.      

We ended the week in FS2 with a fantastic  Bonnet Parade - the children confidently walked down the catwalk in time to the music enjoying every minute of it!

This week in FS1 the children have enjoyed many activities related to Spring time.  We have talked about the lifecycle of a chicken and the children have happily brought home the pictures that they have made.  The sandpit was transformed into a beautiful flower garden this week which fed nicely into our Springtime theme – the children very kindly brought bouquets of flowers to their teachers.  There has been lots of arts and crafts activities happening all week – namely Spring baskets filled with shredded paper and hand painted eggs; printing and drawing patterns on egg shaped paper.  All of these lovely works of art have come home.  We have also been doing lots of counting and number work using some toy chicks inside numbered eggs.  The children have been showing us their counting skills, number recognition, matching objects to numerals, and adding two small quantities together.  At snack time we have introduced Indonesian cuisine once a week.  Last week the children had the opportunity to try ‘Es Campur’ and this week they have had ‘Matarbak Telur’.  A large chalkboard was introduced at the beginning of the week and children have enjoyed mark making on this.  We finished the week by having egg and spoon races, as well as experimenting with how eggs roll down a slope.   

We wish you a happy holiday and thank you for your continued support within the Foundation Stage.

This is what we are learning next week


There will be a stage area and we will be listening to Indonesian music, watching Indonesian dancing and we will have telampongs in FS1. 


 Please send your child to school with their favourite Traditional Tale or Fairy Tale and we will read and share them throughout the first week back after the Easter holiday.



Please share some Traditional Tales with your children.   

A gentle reminder: we don't allow children's personal toys in school. If they have toys for the bus journey they must remain in their bags during the school day. We will at some point have a 'Show and Tell' week where the children can bring in their favourite toys to share with their class. 

Enjoy the holiday with your children.  Travel safely and we look forward to seeing you at the beginning of the 3rd term (Monday 28th April).


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