Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage Curriculum (for children from 3-5) offers our children a happy, safe, caring and practical environment where children can explore and experiment according to their diverse needs.
At BIS, we provide opportunities for development in the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral areas of learning.  With a focus on independence and skills development, we give the children opportunities to think for themselves and make choices.  Our children develop a love of learning and positive attitudes to school!
There are Six areas of learning in the EYFS.  The areas are equally important and depend on each other to support a rounded approach to child development. There is a balance of adult led, adult initiated and child initiated activities which support children’s needs at this fundamental stage.  Children’s progress is assessed through informal written and pictoral observations which form the basis of the individual “Learning Journey”.

Communication Language and Literacy
Children will learn to become confident in communicating, speaking and listening, listening to and understanding stories and beginning to read and write.  They will use these skills in a range of situations and for different purposes.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Children will have experiences which help them to develop a positive sense of themselves and others, respect for others, social skills and the disposition to learn.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
Children will develop their understanding of Mathematics in a range of contexts. They will explore, enjoy, learn, practice and talk about their understanding of number, space shape and measures and calculating.

Creative Development
Children will be provided with opportunities for exploration, curiosity and play with a variety of materials.  They are encouraged to share thoughts, ideas and feelings through art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role play activities.

Physical Development
Children will be supported in developing the skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. This area also encompasses learning about the importance of physical activity, hygiene and healthy choices in relation to food.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Children will be gaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes that help them make sense of the world. This area covers science, history, design and technology and ICT. 

We have provided you with a brief explanation of the areas of learning.  We also run a series of workshops to enable you to work with your child at home and provide you with information about what happens in the EYFS at BIS. In addition we produce weekly newsletters which keep parents up to date about special events and weekly themes.