In the Primary School we believe strongly in the development of Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a means of preparing our students for a rapidly changing world in which technology plays a central part. We are an extremely well resourced school in which each class has interactive capability through a Promethean Whiteboard. In addition to this, we have three ICT laboratories containing 24 PCs each. In our shared year group areas we also have additional computer provision. The use of mobile technology is high on our agenda and we are heavily investing in the development of laptop use and I Touches. To support the teaching of multi-media, students also have access to a specially designed Mac Lab which boasts 24 Apple Mac computers fully equipped with audio/visual peripherals.

Our ICT curriculum is based on the National Curriculum programmes of study in which children are given opportunities to:

  • develop ICT capability, including their knowledge and understanding of the importance of information and  of how to select, prepare and use it
  • develop their skills in using hardware and software to manipulate information in the process of problem solving, recording and producing expressive work
  • develop their ability to apply their ICT skills to support their use of language and communication, and learning in a range of curriculum areas
  • explore their attitudes towards ICT, its value to themselves, others and society in  general, and develop an awareness of its advantages and limitations

ICT also provides opportunities to promote:

  • thinking skills, through helping pupils identify relevant sources of information, develop ideas and work collaboratively to solve problems
  • enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, through encouraging pupils to design and implement solutions to real problems
  • work-related learning, through providing pupils with access to a wide range of ICT applications and methodologies
  • education for sustainable development, through developing pupils’ understanding of the implications of ICT for working life, society and the environment.

We actively encourage our students to become responsible, independent ICT users and endeavour to ensure our wider curriculum incorporates elements of computer technology.