School Inspections

The School employs a team of UK registered inspectors to inspect the school formally every two years. Prior to the inspection, the school completes/reviews an ongoing self-evaluation statement which feeds in to development planning. The full report and its implications are also considered by the Board of Governors. The report is published for parents on this web site.

Main Findings February 2010
"The British International School, Jakarta is a good school with outstanding features. The principal and senior leaders in both the primary and secondary schools are fully committed to ensuring that students are enabled to achieve their maximum, both academically and personally. This is at the core of the inclusive and ambitious ethos of the school. Senior leaders set a clear vision, with students’ well-being and learning at its centre. They communicate this well, and drive improvement strongly. Middle leaders play an increasing part in promoting progress...."

"Pupils reach academic standards that are at least above average, and, for older students, attainment is high. Students of all ages learn well and make good progress. They systematically develop their basic skills and acquire an increasingly sophisticated ability to enquire, research, reason and explain. Older students become capable, independent learners who take on appropriate responsibility for their progress. The seeds for this are sown in the earlier years. Good quality provision contributes significantly to students’ progress. An effective curriculum that is well suited to students’ interests and needs makes a key contribution. So too do the general and specialist facilities which provide an exceptional environment for learning....."

"The school places great emphasis on providing opportunities for students to develop personal qualities, skills and interests and a climate within which they can flourish. In this it is very successful. Pastoral care is first rate. Many aspects of students’ personal development are outstanding. They have excellent relationships with each other. There is mutual respect and celebration of all nationalities and the school’s mission statement of ‘fostering a spirit of international awareness’ is fully met. Students make a strong contribution to school life and to helping others beyond the school. Their outstanding behaviour, exceptional attitudes to learning and excellent levels of maturity and independence make a strong contribution to their academic and personal success..."

Reporting inspector: Joan McKenna, Februry 2010

In the year between inspections, the school invites one or two of the inspection team to revisit and conduct a ‘review of progress’. This is high level consultancy support and it reassures the school and the community that developments plans are indeed addressing the inspection recommendations. The visiting inspectors (who all have UK and international experience), also provide valuable training for teachers and leaders of the school during their visit.

The rationale behind this programme is that regular and close inspection and support will guarantee continuous improvement in Teaching and Learning and will ensure progression and continuity in what is generally a changeable teaching staff and management environment.