BIS participates in and is one of the major hosts for the Jakarta Schools Football Associstions Schools Football League.

"The ethos of the League and of the Association is to promote good sportsmanship amongst all participants i.e. players, coaches and parents and to introduce schools to the enjoyment of teamwork in sport, healthy exercise and healthy competitiveness. In addition, to give the most skillful players an opportunity to expand their horizons and to give the less skilled (primarily in the 'B', 'C' and ‘D’ divisions) an opportunity to represent their school on the football field and to learn more about the game.

The league encourages the introduction of professional coaching to supplement teacher and parent support and retains in both an advisory capacity and in coaching applications 'Asian Soccer Academy' and their professional coaching team.

This is the ninth season of the league having run highly successful campaigns since 2305.  Participants include international schools, national plus schools, local schools and orphanage teams plus underprivileged community teams sponsored by schools and the JSFA....."



Fred Mc Fadden's U14A preparing for
their match against Central Sevilla.