Introducing 'Make a Difference' at BIS

The publication below is intended to help all BIS students, from Primary to Secondary, as well as parents and community partners who share our service ethos, to plan, fund and activate ‘Make a Difference’ community projects in the BIS neighbourhood.

The school aims to ensure that all students are engaged as active participants in the community, although the nature of such engagement will, of course, vary considerably according to the age of the student.

The close proximity of all the projects to the school enables participants from BIS to build productive, meaningful and sustainable relationships with our various community partners.

Participants may...

  • fundraise for a particular project;
  • develop active partnerships in support of identified individuals and groups in the community, whether through the IB Community, Action, Service (CAS) program; the Year 10 & 11 International (Service) Award or by individual and Year Group initiatives.

BIS also welcomes assistance from parents and others who are keen to work in partnership with our students as we learn together how to establish a tangibly more equal and just society. All such interested parties are invited in the first instance to contact Ibu Dietha, IB administrator, by email or phone.

745 1670 ext. 153