At BIS the pupils needs are very much at the centre of the learning process. Everyone is valued for his or her experiences and questions are welcomed as part of the learning experience. Pupils are encouraged to develop an independent learning attitude through investigational tasks and regular homework. In the Primary School pupils are introduced to Mathematics in an exciting and dynamic way. They are taught to manipulate and process number from a very early age and standards in Mathematics are very high. Pupils are expected and encouraged to do mental calculations in addition to learning their multiplication tables.
In Year 7 to 11 pupils are set according to their level of mathematical proficiency. All pupils are considered important and are respected for their application and effort as much as their academic achievements.

Key Stage 3 is the period of time covering years 7 to 9. During this period pupils will follow a curriculum modelled around the UK National Curriculum.

Key Stage 4 is the period of time covering years 10 to 11. During this period pupils follow courses, which prepare them for IGCSE examinations. The more mathematically able pupil may be accelerated and sit these exams at the end of year 10 and study for IGCSE Additional Mathematics at the end of year 11.
In years 12 and 13, pupils may embark onto the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. Mathematics is a compulsory subject and can be studied at either Standard or Higher level.  We currently offer three course, two are at standard level, Mathematical Studies and Mathematics Standard Level and the thirds is Mathematics Higher Level.