SCHEDULE OF FEES 2013 – 2014
with effect from 1st August 2013

A US$ 150 non-refundable fee is payable when lodging an application for admission. Applications will not be processed unless this payment has been received.

A US$ 500 deposit is payable for each student as soon as the admission of the child is confirmed by the School. A separate invoice will be issued when the offer of a place is made. Payment within 7 days of receipt of this invoice is required to accept the offer and confirm the place. This deposit will be refunded when the student leaves the School provided the required 30 calendar days notice of withdrawal is received in writing and all textbooks and other such equipment are returned to the School. The deposit is also forfeited if the student’s application is withdrawn from the School after a confirmation of place has been issued.


  US$ Per Term US$ Per Annum
Foundation Stage One 3,020 8,625
Foundation Stage Two 4,885 13,950
Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2) 6,215 17,750
Key Stage Two (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 ) 6,580 18,790
Key Stage Three (Years 7, 8 and 9) 7,540 21,540
Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11) 7,540 21,540
International Baccalaureate (IB Years 12 and 13) Refer below 23,410

School Fees are fully inclusive of the cost of books, stationery, minor excursions, residential trips and the external fees for KS2, KS3, GCSE/IGCSE and IB examinations. Fees for other external examinations such as music, and the cost ofany air travel relating to excursions will incur an additional charge. Students participating in sport activities will also be charged for the direct cost of any travel or accommodation.

A 2% fee charge per month will be made if the required payment has not yet been received within 14 days of the beginning of the school term. If the school fees are not paid by half term, the School may ask for the child to be withdrawn.

BUS SERVICE FEES (fully inclusive of door-to-door chaperone service)

  • One way journey    US$ 1,750 per year
  • Return journey       US$ 3,500 per year

An annual fee invoice will be issued for all students registered for the bus service. If payment is not received by half term in term I, the bus service will be withdrawn. Parents of students attending Years 11 or 13 will receive an examination credit of US$ 240 (return journey) or US$ 120 (one way journey) due to the reduced use of the service in May and June 2014.

In addition to school fees, a Capital Levy Certificate is required. For details see the next page.


When a pupil enters Year 12 or Year 13, the School expects a commitment for the full year, so invoices are issued on an annual fee basis. Other than in exceptional mitigating circumstances, subject to the approval of the Principal, no refunds of annual fees can be made after a student has started Year 12 or Year 13.

REFUND POLICY - Foundation Stage to Key Stage Four

No refund of term fees will be made if the student has attended the School at any time during the term. Where the student has not attended school during a particular term, prepaid school fees for those terms are refundable.



It is the policy of the school that every student must have a Capital Levy Certificate (CLC) purchased or nominated in their name for attendance in school. The certificate is not transferable to another student. The admission of a student will not take place unless a CLC has been purchased for that student.

The BIS Foundation offers two choices of CLC issues:

  • A four-year CLC which is priced at US$ 10,000.
    This issue is refundable, less amortisation, when the student leaves the School.
    The issue date of the 4-year CLC will be from the beginning of the term in which the student joins the School. Amortisation is calculated as 1/12th of the initial value per term or part term of use, starting from the issue date.

  • A one-year CLC which is priced at US$ 3,000.
    This issue is non-refundable and depreciates fully on its use for a year or part of year. The issue date will normally be the beginning of the school year in which the student joins the School. Students joining during terms 2 and 3 will be charged pro-rata, based on the number of full or partial half terms remaining in the school year.


Where a CLC expires and the student it covers wishes to remain in the School, a new CLC must be purchased.
Those who have held a four-year CLC but wish to purchase a one-year CLC on its expiry may do so, but at the price that is currentat the time of issue of the new CLC.


  1. The school fees and transactions are rupiah denominated. The fees invoiced may be paid, net of bank charges, in Rupiah at the HSBC middle rate quoted for the day or by transfer to our US$ account if preferred.

2.  Payment by transfer to the following bank account:

 The British International School
Account No. 001-140680-031 (US$)

Swift Code: HSBCIDJA

World Trade Center
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 29 – 31, Jakarta


 The British International School
Account No. 001-140680-001 (Rp)

Swift Code: HSBCIDJA

World Trade Center
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 29 – 31, Jakarta

3. We prefer that all payments are made to our HSBC account, but if you are paying by US Dollar cash, at the school, bank notes must be unmarked, without any creases, and from the “H” series issue or later.

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