“The central role that the emotions play in every learning experience is one of the key findings of recent research. Much learning moreover takes place within a social context. Before students can begin to tackle the cognitive demands of any task, they need to be able to address the social and emotional components that accompany the activity.” SEAL Guidance

At BIS Jakarta we are not only interested in the intellectual intelligence of our students; we place as much emphasis on their social and emotional intelligence. For this reason we have adopted the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) programme from the UK. This is an explicit structured whole curriculum framework for developing the social emotional and behavioural skills of all students. The programme has three main aims:

To develop our students as

• Successful Learners

o Developing the habits of learning how to learn

• Confident Individuals

o Developing the habits of emotional intelligence

• Responsible Citizens

o Developing the habits of social intelligence

SEAL is a spiral curriculum with five areas of knowledge, skills and understanding that are developmental. The students visit each of the five areas at appropriate levels as they progress through the school. The five areas are:

• Self Awareness

o Knowing myself

o Understanding my feelings

• Managing Feelings

o Managing how I express my feelings

o Managing the way I am feeling

• Motivation

o Setting goals and planning to meet them

o Persistence and resilience o Evaluation and review

• Empathy

o Understanding the feelings of others

o Valuing and supporting others

• Social Skills

o Belonging to a community

o Friendships and relationships

o Working together

o Resolving conflicts

o Standing up for myself

o Making wise choices

Each Theme is introduced to the whole year group in an assembly. Then for between four to six weeks the students explore the Theme within their own class, finishing off with a year group assembly to celebrate their learning. Parents can learn more about the specifics of the Themes by visiting the individual year group pages on this web site.