Secondary Library

The new Secondary School Library has been a major project for BIS and we are clearly delighted to see it come to fruition. So many people have been involved in the project and they all deserve a vote of thanks for their innovative ideas in designing our wonderful new facility.   

The new building itself is spread over two floors. The ground floor features our school shop, coffee shop, classrooms, meeting rooms and a display area for students art work and the library is found on the top floor and has a group study area, a media area for audio and visual resources, comfortable reading a classroom area, and two small meeting rooms.

Our new Secondary School Library is a one stop shop offering our school community an opportunity to catch up on reading or private study or research and we will be operating from 7:30am – 4pm.

The aims of BIS Library and Information Services are:

  • To provide a service which grows from and which supports the educational policies and programmes at BIS.
  • To provide a balanced collection of resources, which have been developed with consideration for the interests, ability and individual needs of the users.
  • To act as a point of access to a range of resources, within and beyond the school building. This includes persons, materials, equipment and facilities where possible, given the restrictions of living in a foreign environment.
  • To provide effective management of resources and materials to enable users to have ready access.
  • To work with others to promote the notion of reading as an enjoyable recreational activity.
  • To support the curriculum, personal and recreational needs of the school community.
  • To provide an attractive, comfortable working environment for users.

BIS Library and Information Services is responsible for the Primary and Secondary Libraries.

Resources Development and Management

The Libraries Manager and the Senior Librarians are responsible for the purchase, classification, storage and availability of library resources. The staff regularly conducts curriculum reviews with the aim of providing our students with up-to-date learning materials that are relevant, unbiased and appropriate in terms of content and reading level.

Curriculum review, stock review and input from the teaching staff inform the ordering and purchasing process, so that appropriate resources can be acquired for each Key Stage. As modern resource centres, the libraries ensure that both print media (books, periodicals, newspapers, vertical files) and electronic media (recommended websites, online databases) are made available to students and teachers.

Customer Service

Members of the library are on hand before, during and after school to assist students, teachers and parents. Staff members are available to assist in searches for resources, sourcing materials that are unavailable in the libraries or providing alternatives. The staff members of the libraries are variously qualified in Library and Information Studies, Management, and Teaching.


The library staff select library materials with care and recognize the many customs and viewpoints of our very diverse school population. We aim to offer a professional and caring service and hope to provide materials that are appropriate to the needs of individual students. The Libraries Manager is responsible for dealing with situations in which parents or students consider library materials to be inappropriate.

Curriculum Development

The Libraries Manager liaises with year leaders and class teachers in the Primary School  to deliver an Information Literacy for R-6.  This program includes a comprehensive list of learning outcomes and skills that can be developed to enable students to become active, independent learners who are capable of locating and using information effectively.  These skills relate to all areas of the curriculum and reinforce the process of information retrieval.


These skills are practised and developed further in the Secondary School, where the Libraries Manager and Senior Librarian are available to work collaboratively with teachers and students in Key Stages 3 and 4. In addition, staff work with our International Baccalaureate students to assist in their ToK, Extended Essay and subject related work.


The Secondary Library Manager, Ms Hanna, welcomes comments and suggestions from students and parents concerning library services.

For collection of book in Secondary Library visit the Secondary Library Catalog

For booking Secondary Library rooms visit the Secondary Library Room Booking page