Student Services

“Every Child Matters”

“Every Child is Unique”

Student Services caters for students with Individual Needs and for students who have English as an Additional Language. The teachers in Student Services are all trained specialists in their particular field. The aim of the faculty is to ensure that all students achieve to their potential regardless of individual ability, language, cultural background or personal circumstance.

Individual Needs (IN) students are children who have been identified as having specific learning needs. The term Individual Needs spans the spectrum of learning, from the youngest to oldest, from the least able to the most able. Children for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) have been identified as requiring specific help to develop their academic English language skills in order to fully access the curriculum. An English language assessment is a requirement for EAL students wishing to enter BIS.

Student Services teachers and learning support assistants may work in the classroom or work with children on a withdrawal basis when appropriate. They work closely with the classroom teachers to ensure that the needs of individual students are met through a range of strategies that promote a differentiated curriculum and support the notion of personalised learning.

Student Services strongly believes in collaboration and advocates an approach that includes students, parents and teaching staff at all stages of the learning process.