Ways to Help at Home

Term 2 Week 13

Please can you read the IPC letter that was sent out on Friday. Start talking to your child about the new topic and take a look at the outcomes for each subject area. Please collect food packaging and labels for our world map display. Also, can you start collecting these items to help us with our new topic...


·  Items for restaurant role-play e.g. pretend tea sets, plastic cutlery, play food, etc.

·  Clean, empty jars.

·  Packaging materials (Including food labels and boxes)

·  Old magazines with pictures/ photos of food.

·  Examples of menus (Please collect and bring in menus from local restaurants)


On Friday 2nd May you will be invited into school for our “Wow” morning. The children will set up a restaurant in their class during the first week and you will be invited to our ‘grand opening’. Invitations and a letter will be sent home in the first week back.

Auditions for this year’s KS2 (Year 3 to 6) talent show will begin on Monday 5th May. House leaders are looking for a range of different acts to showcase their fantastic and unique talents for the main event on Friday 23rd May. Please encourage your children to have a think about what they could do at the audition and to practice over the holidays. House leaders are particularly looking for unique acts that have never been displayed before as well as the singing and dancing that often takes centre stage. This year we will also be having a KS1 talent show but children will not need to audition as all acts will get a chance to perform.

We look forward to seeing all the talented entries.

Any queries then please contact the house captains at

On Thursday, all classes were very lucky to be part of a talk given by Eileen Roby about locally made toys. They were shown lots of different toys and were able to get involved in playing with them. They learnt about the things that were used in the making of them, most of which can be found in your own recycling bin at home!

We would like to wish you a very happy and relaxing holiday. We look forward to seeing you in Term 3 and hearing the children's holiday news.

Term 3 starts again on 28th April, with the school being closed for the day on Thursday May 1st.

Our Learning


This week the bears have been busy designing and making their light-up toy. We learned how to choose appropriate materials and keep our designs simple. We used our previous knowledge about circuits to help us to fit the wires, bulb and battery into our toys. We used our plans to help us select appropriate tools and understand next steps when making our toys. We used paint or collage to finish our toys to make them look attractive. We shared our toys with each other and we learned how to evaluate our own designs.

In Literacy, we have been busy finishing our toy book. Everyone in the class has written a page for our book. We put the pages together in alphabetical order and made a contents page in class. We were really proud of all our hard work so we shared our book with the Foundation Stage children.

In Maths this week, we have been learning how to use Mathematical vocabulary and choose appropriate symbols in our number sentences. We learned how to use the 100 square to add 20 or 30 to a 2-digit number. We enjoyed playing bingo and ‘Strike a number’ to practise bonds to 20. Finally, we had lots of fun on our Solving problems ‘Easter egg hunt’. Each egg had a word problem that we had to solve with a partner. At the end we won a chocolate egg if we got all the answers correct!

In ICT, we enjoyed consolidating our learning about forces and electricity by playing games from the Bitesize website. Over the holidays, you could have a go at some of the games on this website. There are Literacy, Maths and Science games to test your knowledge.


In IPC/Literacy/ICT this week we finally finished our toy dictionary by editing using Google Drive and inserting pictures we had found on the Internet. This has been a challenge but the children have worked well in pairs and have produced a text to be proud of. They have checked their work, added missing words, punctuation, repaired spellings and improved their ability and speed at typing.

In other areas we have tested and investigated the properties of a variety of different materials that could be used to make toys, continued to make simple circuits, learnt about electricity, planned to make a light up toy, worked on a variety of toy timelines and evaluated the toys we have made in class.

We have also read the replies to our emails from our grandparents and reported back to the class orally about the toys they played with as children. We have also started our class blog. Please follow this link.

The children can log in using their password which I will send you via email.

For homework in the break I would like them to upload a picture to their blog and type a few sentences about something exciting they have done in the break. We can read and comment on this when we return. I will also do the same.

I am sending home copies of their toy designs as we have not had time to build them. So if you could create the basic toy with them over the holiday that would be great and then when they return we can add the circuit.

In Maths we have continued to practise using money in our shop and to count back from 100 in ones. Our main objective this week has been to use the language of position to give directions. The children have been introduced to clockwise and anticlockwise and using what they already know have begun to understand about ¼ turns and ½ turns to play a game in class. This game involves a shark trying to eat a ray. This has been fun and is a powerful educational tool. The children have begun to make their own version of this as a board game.

Next Term we will begin Food topic and prepare for the entry point to upcoming Food topic. This will be the opening of a pretend restaurant in our class. We will be making food from play dough, writing menus, sending invitations and practising and preparing to serve you when you come on Friday 2nd May. It is the childrens work, so if you do have an invite on Thursday 1st of May please ask them what is happening.

Have a great break and look forward to seeing you all next term.


In class this week the children have made their board games. They chose to work either individually or in pairs to think of their own game. Before they were able to make their games they had to visit at least one other group and discuss the game they were going to make. This enabled the children to ask questions if they didn’t understand how to play the game. After this they created their games. And to finish off they played them with each other. The children needed to think about a theme for their game and also write the rules for it. If the game was too difficult to understand they had to make it easier. Later in the week the children wrote about their games and the process. They reviewed their targets and we discussed how we could best organise our writing so that it flowed.

In Maths, we looked at more word problems involving money. We will revisit this topic during next term but the children are now much more confident in solving word problems and giving change. We also practiced using a number square to help us calculate subtraction problems, as well as the language that can be used.

In Art they made another toy, this time a spinning top. The design was very simple but the children enjoyed painting and decorating the top. Some of them didn’t work and we needed to investigate why. We found that the handle was loose and kept spinning. After a short discussion it was decided that PVA glue would be best to secure the parts together.


This week the Giraffes have been really enthusiastic about playing the board games which they have designed and made. They have been trying out each others games and finding out whether the rules are clear and whether there could have been improvements. The best thing about this has been the level of interest and engagement expressed by the children. The children have written about their experiences riding their bikes and scooters as well as using their remote control cars to follow a track in the playground. They have discussed which forces were used to move their toys: push or pull.

The Giraffes have been reflecting on the maths work that they have been doing recently, such as adding and taking away using coins and counting backwards and forwards on a number line. They have been looking at photo records of their work and discussing how much they understood and how much support they needed to complete the activities.

In art, the children enjoyed making Easter Egg cards for their families using paint and shaving foam as a print medium.

Some children have been bringing in writing which they have done at home and this is wonderful to see. It is wonderful when children’s school learning extends to home which indicates that they are enjoying their learning. Enjoyment equals motivation and that is what drives successful learning. I eagerly await the return of the forms I gave you recently which will help me get to know your child’s interests and personality in more depth. Thank you very much to those who have returned them.They have provided me with a deeper insight into what makes your child special and this will help me to provide appropriate learning experiences which will hopefully engage them.


The Kiwis have worked hard this week to plan, design and make their light up toys as well as connecting yp an electrical circuit using a light bulb, wires and crocodile clips. This took a large amount of time, but it was a great learning experience and excellent for reflecting on their ideas. A great deal of thinking and debate went on as children were in the planning and making stages, and they enjoyed evaluating and comparing their toy with the plan when it was finished. So sorry we can not send the light bulbs home too, but please see the photo that we put in the communication book!

Children also enjoyed making rubber band skipping ropes with Praneel’s mum and Mckenzie’s mum. It took a lot of perseverance and patience but we succeeded. Afterwards children really enjoyed playing outside with them.

We have been continuing work on addition and subtraction this week, particularly holding the number in our head, and counting on or back. We also learnt how to “find the difference” between 2 numbers using cubes, numicon and by ‘counting up’ from the smallest number to the bigger number. You can practice this by asking “what’s the difference between 7 and 11?”

We consolidated our new knowledge about Toys on Friday and shared what we enjoyed most as well as bringing our Toys in again to share. After the holiday, we look forward to learning about Food, and our class assembly will be Thursday May 22 but you will receive more details later.

The following websites are excellent ways to help support your child at home. (Literacy, Maths and science games for KS1) (Letters and sounds games and resources) (You will need your child’s password for this)

Bears Light up toy
Eileen Roby and Sharks class
Giraffes enjoy some time playing on their bikes and learn about forces
Hedgehogs explain their games to each other
Phonics trees in the Kiwi class