Term 2, Week 13

We can hardly believe that the term has passed so quickly!

Thank you to all the parents who visited classrooms for our ‘Careers Fair’ on Thursday. The Year 2 pod was full of enthusiastic discussions between the children and visitors about the wide variety of jobs they have been learning about. We hope that you enjoyed visiting as much as the children enjoyed sharing their learning with you.

After the holidays we will begin our next IPC unit of learning which will focus on transport. Our Wow Day will take place for this on Wednesday 30thApril. During this event children will be designing and making their own mode of transport to take them on an imaginary journey. Most classes will require junk modelling resources for this activity so please collect any clean packaging, cartons or boxes over the holiday and send them in to school during the first week back.

Please remember that there will be no school on Thursday 1st May due to the labour day holiday.

Have a wonderful holiday and we hope the children enjoy their well deserved rest!


This is what we are learning next week


Many thanks to all those parents who came to school on Thursday to celebrate our learning during the careers fair. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role of experts during the morning and explained their jobs brilliantly. It was great to see so many parents attending the morning and rotating among all the different stands that the children had prepared.

This week, again, has been somewhat short due to the elections on Wednesday and our exit point on Thursday. The children spent the first part of the week preparing their final information texts ready for the Careers Fair. As you will have seen first-hand, the children did a fantastic job at using the notes they had taken during their research to write a clear introduction, paragraphs with subheadings as well as interesting extra details such as their ‘Did you know..’ boxes. After completing the bulk of their writing, the children carefully organised their information texts using a contents page and selected tricky vocabulary to be included in their glossary. The children were rightly very proud of their achievements and really enjoyed sharing the texts with you personally.

After the holidays we will begin by spending a little time reviewing our writing targets for the term ahead. We will recount our holiday experiences and look carefully at our own writing to decide if we have met our previously set targets. We will also revisit the four ‘CPOW’ areas; connectives, punctuation, openers and wow words. We will think carefully about how we can use these four focii to make our writing fantastic to read. Our next Literacy unit will be ‘Extended Stories by Significant Authors’ but due to the short initial week we will begin this during the second week of term three.

The children did a great job at solving word problems this week in Mathematics. They investigated word problems that incorporated all four operations, initially with a partner but then later independently. They are becoming increasingly confident reading word problems carefully, choosing an operation and solving the problem with an appropriate calculation. Checking their own answers remains tricky, but this will be an area of focus next term.

After the holidays the children will revisit place value. We will be remembering what we have already learnt about tens and units (and maybe even hundreds!) and will be applying this knowledge to solve some tricky missing number calculations. For example, we will be using our understanding of partitioning to solve problems such as 25 + ? = 45 or 27 - ? = 7. Later in the week the children will also revisit the concept of estimation.

Term 3 will see the beginning of a new unit of learning in IPC ‘Transport’. During the first week back we will enjoy our Wow Day on Wednesday 30thApril. The children will be set a scenario where they will be going on an imaginary journey and will be given a day to create a mode of transport to take them on this trip. They might choose trains, rockets, supersonic aeroplanes, spaceships - the only limit will be their imagination! Please encourage your child over the holiday to imagine a journey, and a mode of transport, ready for this event. We would also appreciate if you could send any junk modelling materials (boxes, packaging, cartons etc) that you have spare at home into school ready for Wednesday 30thApril. On Thursday, the children will complete their ‘knowledge harvest’. We will work with the children to understand what they already know about the topic in order to tailor our plans for the weeks ahead to their needs and interests.  


Firstly, thank you very much for coming in to support our Careers Fair yesterday. The children loved having you in and, I’m sure you will agree, that they communicated their knowledge about their jobs really well and could explain aspects of the job and equipment. The children worked really hard on this project and I am really proud of them all.

This week in Literacy and IPC we have been finishing off our Information texts and preparing for the Careers fair. We have also been making our artefacts based on our artisan research.  The children have worked independently on this and have reflected on different choices they would make next time. We have also been painting our batik T-shirts. The children really enjoyed this and they have turned out really well. We will wash them over the holidays and return them to the children at the beginning of next term.

In Maths we have continued our work on fractions and using number lines to multiply and divide. We have also tackled word problems involving two steps and multiplication and division. The children have all been assessed on their Maths Targets and have been moved on if necessary. Please help your child with their new targets over the holidays.

After the holidays it will be a busy but short week, with Thursday off school. We will begin by writing about something that we did or enjoyed over the holidays. Our aim will be making our writing interesting for someone else to read and to add detail so the reader is able to create a picture in their mind from the descriptions. We will then begin our new Literacy Unit – Extended Stories –Significant authors. We will be listening carefully to a chosen story and making predictions about what might happen next and why we think this. We will be picking out and collecting WOW words and phrases the author uses to keep our interest and words used for effect. We will spend a lot of time discussing parts of the text and justifying our ideas.

In Maths we will be using our knowledge of the inverse to generate number sentences with addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. Children will be adding and subtracting a one-digit number or a multiple of 10 to or from any two-digit number. The aim is to be able to do this mentally. We will discuss strategies for this. We will also order two-digit and 3 digit numbers and position them on a number line. We will revise using the greater than (>) and less than (<) signs to create number sentences to show our understanding.

In IPC our new topic will be Transport. We will be completing our knowledge harvest, looking at how different transport can be categorised, share our knowledge of transport thus far and thinking of questions and things that we would like to find out. We will start to think about our journeys to school; how we get to school, what we pass, and will start to map our journeys. We will use Google Earth to locate the school and other landmarks we know and then make a large map of the area together.


Thank you to those of you who could attend our exit point yesterday and for letting not just your own child share their learning with you but some of their classmates, too. The children had been working with information they had collated during our inquiry. It was wonderful to see them present this information to others confidently, describing the work of their parent’s and questions they had asked their grandparents. There were some interesting choices of profession the class might enjoy doing when they enter the world of work. They researched this job and created a job-book page detailing a job description, personal qualities required and training involved.

I am very much looking forward to term 3, which begins on Monday 28th April. I am sure the children will surprise us even further in the months to come with their knowledge and understanding in all curricular areas.

Our new IPC unit will focus on journeys and transport. Every day people all over the world make different types of journeys. These could be on land, over water or by air. To make these journeys easier and quicker people have used and invented different types of transport to get to their destinations.

The first week back will involve the children thinking about what they already know and where they want to take the inquiry. Could you please assist your child with their thinking during the holidays as to a possible destination for a real (or imagined) journey and help them to collect pieces of packaging and household items so that they can create a mode of transport at school on Wednesday 30th April. They could have sketches or a photograph to bring in along with the materials collected to build their transport model. Also, if you could start collecting interesting transport-like objects for an art collage I would be most grateful. Things like: old keys, tickets, parking tickets, photographs, maps, small models, car/bike parts – anything transport related, really.

In Literacy we will begin reading the adventures of Paddington Bear as we look at extended stories by significant authors. We will be checking our prior knowledge of story elements such as characters, settings and key events. We will start by writing simple compound sentences. We will act out scenes from the stories and present them to others. We will continue to read and write high frequency words. In our writing we will looking at writing a topic sentence; the sentence that gives the main idea. We will be supporting this sentence with others in a paragraph, varying our sentence starters and perhaps finishing with a question. These strategies make the children’s writing more interesting and enjoyable for the reader.

In Guided Reading we will be returning to questioning each other about the texts we read, asking literal and inferential questions to demonstrate our understanding of the text. I would also like to work on fluency as it is an important skill when we talk about, 'What do good readers do?'.

In Mathematics we will be working through a capacity carousel of activities and looking at scales showing millilitres and litres. We will be revisiting learning objectives in counting, partitioning and calculating. These will include rounding a two-digit number to the nearest 10 and using the greater and less than signs. I would like to introduce some word problems for the children to solve.

 May I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful break from school. Remember Thursday 1st May is a holiday.


 Another short week this week but a very, very busy one! The children did so well during the Careers Fair. The booklets and posters were all their own work and research which they worked diligently and proudly on all week before your visit. They were extremely excited to have you in and I am sure you were equally excited and delighted to see all their hard work.

In Literacy and IPC we, of course, were working very hard on our information text and posters. We talked about persuasive language and we focused on some of our literacy targets when completing the booklets. The children also used their drama, speaking and listening skills to great effect during the actual careers fair to try and tempt you towards a career change! The children evaluated their work and also the work of a friend, thinking about what they did well and what they could have done better.

In Mathematics we looked at RUCSAC with 2 and 3-part problems as well as trying some multiplication and division problems. We also practised counting backwards and forwards and reviewed how multiplication is repeated addition, and division is repeated subtraction.

In IPC we completed our dream job booklets for the careers fair. We also reflected on our 'fairtrade banana game' thinking about what it means in the real world. We completed our batik t-shirts and evaluated how well we carried out our designs and whether or not the technique we used to try and create batik was effective.

In Literacy, when we get back after the break, we will spend the first week focusing on reading and particularly comprehension. I will look at each child's reading and we will work on their personal target. We will look at how to read a text and analyse it to answer questions and get out the information we need.

In Mathematics, we will looking at the inverse and using it to generate number sentences with addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. Children will be adding and subtracting a one-digit number or a multiple of 10 to or from any two-digit number. The aim is to be able to do this mentally. We will discuss strategies for this. We will also order 2-digit and 3-digit numbers and position them on a number line. We will revise using the greater than (>) and less than (<) signs to create number sentences to show our understanding.

In IPC we will have our entry point for our new topic 'From A to B' which is all about journeys and transport. We will also do our knowledge harvest where we collect information about what the children already know. I am sure they know lots about transport already so I am looking forward to hearing where they wish to go with their learning...maybe to the next frontier?! We will, towards the end of the week, think about our journeys to school and will use Google maps to locate where we live and where the school is.

Just a final note to say a big thank you for your continued support during term 2. It is hard to believe we are moving into our final term. I hope you all have a fun, wonderful and safe holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks.


What a week we had!

This week the children have been extremely busy preparing for their exit point day.

During Literacy, the children worked in pairs to create a non-fiction information booklet about the job of their choice. All the children were able to include the main features of an information text. They included a front cover, contents page, subheadings, diagrams and labels, and also key words which were then found in the glossary. The research that was carried out in the previous weeks was included within their booklet. All the children worked very hard to complete the booklet, ready for our Careers Fair. Furthermore, each group created a class poster to promote their stall using WOW words and features of a poster to encourage the ‘visitors’ to attend their stall.

For the first week back, we will be focusing on a variety of reading comprehensions and answering questions based on a given text. We will also look at significant authors and we will discuss which authors some of the children may feel are significant to them.

For IPC, the children very much enjoyed preparing and then delivering their Careers Fair. It was a huge success and the children were enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge about the jobs of their choice and were confident in answering questions from parents and adults.

A huge thank you to the parents for attending our Careers Fair and for visiting our many stalls to talk to our ‘experts’.

Also on this topic, the children made batik eggs as well as completing their batik t-shirt. The children then evaluated their t-shirt and discussed what they liked about it and thought about the improvements they would make.

Our next unit is called ‘From A to B’ – Transport.

We will be talking about types of transport and what they know. Additionally, we will be using ‘junk’ to make a model of a mode of transport (of their choice) in the first week back.

2J Mice will need to collect materials that they would like to use for their model and bring it into class in the 1stweek of Term 3. Please note that it IS a class project and work will be begun and completed in class.

For Mathematics, the children have been revising fractions of shapes as well as numbers.

We used practical resources to work out given shapes and we also used Education City – Ready Steady Bake to consolidate our understanding.

In the first week back, we will be learning about numbers and number facts. The children will be revising the ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ symbols to demonstrate their understanding of place value. They will also be learning about ‘rounding’ a number to the nearest 10.

Get ready for our Wow Day by supervising your child as they search the internet for unusual modes of transports. If you find a mode of transport that particularly interests your child, print a picture and send it in to school for discussion in class. Alternatively, make a list of all the different modes of transport you and your child have used. Think about what makes each mode of transport special. For example, think of the fastest mode of transport you have used or the least comfortable.

Keep writing during the break by keeping a diary or journal. Ask your child to write a few sentences about what they did each day. Make sure they include capital letters and full stops!

Nova – Inquirer, as she worked so hard and independently on her careers day presentation. Not only that, she used beautiful cursive handwriting! Well done Nova! 

Jessica - Communicator, as she communicated her research to someone unfamiliar and did a fine job.

Tia - Risktaker, as she is trying hard to choose interesting and ambitious words in her writing.

All of 2J Mice! For being excellent thinkers and inquirers in preparation during the IPC unit as well as being knowledgeable and great communicators when explaining their favourite jobs during our Careers fair. 
Natasha has been a communicator. She was discussed her job as a chef very carefully during the careers fair.

Callum has been a thinker. He solved a range of word problems confidently this week and even wrote a few of his own!

Wen Rui – Inquirer – for his enthusiasm for asking questions and finding out about Engineers. You have learned a lot Wen Rui, and you were able to communicate effectively too – well done!

Samuel – Risk taker – for being independent and industrious when planning his area for our Careers Fair despite his partner being absent. Well done, Samuel!

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