Term 2 Week 13

As term 2 comes to an end, children of Year 3 have been planning and designing ‘eco-packaging’ for their own chocolate bar this week. Other classes have also been developing their chocolate knowledge by exploring the Fair Trade aspect of chocolate and locating the various chocolate producers around the world. Some classes have also been exploring the world of Willy Wonnka as a stimulus for their writing pieces.

I’m sure all families are looking forward to the two week long Easter break. Can you also please note that on the first week of term 3, Thursday 1st May is also a holiday and there will be no school.

Auditions for this year’s KS2 talent show will begin on Monday 5th May. House leaders are looking for a range of different acts to showcase their fantastic and unique talents for the main event on Friday 23rd May. Please encourage your children to have a think about what they could do at the audition and to practice over the holidays. House leaders are particularly looking for unique acts that have never been displayed before as well as the singing and dancing that often takes centre stage. This year we will also be having a KS1 talent show but children will not need to audition as all acts will get a chance to perform.

We look forward to seeing all the talented entries.

Any queries then please contact the house captains at

We hope that you all have a nice Easter Break.

This is what we are learning next week


After the Easter Holidays,  class 3B will focus on improving their reading skills. The children have to read the text carefully as well as the question,  and look back at the text in order to locate the important and relevant information. Often, we need to read between the lines. The next step is to learn to write the answer in a sentence,  providing key words.

We will also practise summarising, which is essential to be able to retell a story. This involves picking out the main events of what they have read and sequencing. A good retelling includes extra details too.

In Maths we are going to rotate and translate shapes as well as practise coordinates. In IPC we shall research, debate and synthesise our understanding of Fair Trade.

Over the holidays please do continue encourage the children to practise the times tables and record their reading in their Journal. As per school policy, we are not setting homework.

I would like to thank you for your support and involvement over the year. I absolutely love teaching our class and am already sad to think that there are only 10 weeks left together. Please have a restful and happy holiday.


We have had such a full and exciting term, the children are ready for a long rest! We have finally completed our chocolate wrappers and boxes and have managed to design our own brands and make our own paper.  The children have really enjoyed the challenges the design technology aspect of our topic has given them.  

After the holidays we will focus on Science and look at how to create a fair test.  We will also continue to research fair trade and of course prepare ourselves for our class assembly.

Have a restful and enjoyable holiday everyone!  be prepared for our final term as Year 3 students! A big thank you to Magda and Deana for coming in and doing some creative Easter activities with us on Tuesday of this week!!!


The main focus after the holidays for 3S, will be to use all the knowledge they have gained about chocolate and write an effective non-chronological report, to display what they have learned during the ‘chocolate’ topic. They will plan what to include in their report by reflecting on the most important and interesting things they have learned over the past few weeks. In Maths, children will be developing their estimating and rounding skills as well as improving their number facts knowledge further.

There will be no homework for 3S over the holidays but I have emailed children some websites that they can visit to improve their understanding of ‘Fair Trade’, if they wish. This includes reading and games. I would also encourage children to continue their personal reading over the holidays, possibly challenging themselves with a book that will take the full 2 weeks to complete. If children want to share some of their experiences over the holidays they can upload their images to the classes folder in their Google drive.

I hope you and your family all enjoy the Easter break and I look forward to seeing the children eager and ready for term 3.


Many thanks for another successful term in 3J. We have learnt so much: Fiction writing, non - chronological reports, using simple decimals, fractions, perfecting our written and mental calculations, not to mention volcanoes, earthquakes, other natural disasters, chocolate, Aztecs, Hernan Cortes and so much more .... WOW!

Next term is another fun packed 10 weeks, including an overnight trip which will be full of fun and excitement. Many thanks for your support as always. Although there is no homework set over the holidays it is still important for the children to be reading regularly.  I wish you a safe and happy Easter vacation.


Well done to all the students in 3A who have made this a fantastic term full of learning, starting with Active Planet and continuing into our Chocolate topic.

We have developed our understanding of a wide range of mathematical and literacy based skills through these topics. After the holidays we will plan and carry out a variety of chocolate based science investigations and focus on changing different variables and observing the changes it produces. In Literacy we will write a description of the chocolate bars that we have designed, explore a range of food based poems before creating their own descriptive poems.

There is no set homework during the holiday but the children should be continuing to read on a daily basis and practice their mental maths skills, especially their times tables and related division facts. In addition, they have the opportunity to finish off any uncompleted activities on Google docs.

Continue to practice times tables with children at home.

Encourage them to read over the holidays, possibly choosing a more challenging book to read during their travels.

Children could also keep a diary of their trips, recording all the iteresting things they did over the Easter holidays.