Term 2 Week 13

First of all, a huge thank you for all the support you have given the children this term. We have had two huge topics that have required a lot of learning, thinking, investigating and teamwork to produce the end results. The children have really excelled themselves and I hope you can see the excitement they have had in their learning.

The holiday show exit point was a real exhibition of learning and the children really did enjoy the chance to demonstrate this. Thank you for your time and patience listening to all the different explanations, we appreciate your role in making this exit point a success.


So, what has everyone been waiting for:


And the winner is…. Eco Paradise Resort! Designed by 5S - Miss Tuck’s class. Congratulations to them, and all the other teams for their hard work.

After Easter we begin our Myths and Legends topic with a bang. The WOW day is Monday 28th April. Children will need to come dressed as their favourite Myth or Legend character.

This is what we are learning next week


This week 5B have been working on The Holiday Show. The Holiday Show is about how you can attract tourist to your resort, hotel or villa. All the Year 5’s had chosen a Resort. Then we had to transform it into an eco-friendly resort. We split into groups and started transforming the resort. 5B had a batik making competition, a logo and name of the resort debate. The batik winners were Seo been Hong and Idil Moge. The winner of the logo and name of the resort was Sinead Finnegan. SeaView Resort was the new name. In the past two weeks, the children in 5B started making the new eco-friendly resort. Each day time by time, something new was getting bigger and better. We made huts, a long house, a reception, a vegetable garden, a rainforest and the finishing touches. We built the landscape of SeaView resort. Now at this very moment, people are painting the landscape, building the bridges to the huts, working on the vegetable garden and building the rainforest. On Tuesday the 8th of April, we had a marketing activity. We had to design a poster about our category eg: Climate, Promoters etc… then we had to go around the class and find out information about the other peoples category. After that we wrote all the knowledge that we learnt and got ready for a quiz. Everybody had an awesome time! Tomorrow on the 11th of April, is the exit point. We will have to present our information all about Kalimantan, SeaView Resort and why they should come. We all can’t wait to present our information and hopefully the parents will vote for SeaView Resort! By Mia


After the holidays we will begin our new topic ‘Myths and legends’. We will start by exploring what the children already know about myths and legends. We look forward to our Entry Point where the children and teachers will be dressed in a myth or legend outfit.

Thank you for all of your support over this term. Have a fantastic holiday! Miss Green


This week we have been learning about Eco resorts. On Friday all the classes made models and presented our work too. The parents invested in the ones that are sustainable. We learnt how businesses works like finance, marketing, building, logistics it was really fun. We worked really hard for this and thank you. Theo

On our return from the Easter break we will begin in earnest our work on ‘Myths and Legends’. We will be finding out what the children already know about this topic, drawing from their previous knowledge. Following that we will decide which areas of the world and which types of stories we are going to investigate further. Mr E.


This week has been a very exciting week, preparing for our exit point. As you know Wednesday was a holiday for public voting, so on Thursday we kindly had Miss Collins class come in and pretend that they were our parents. We were very grateful, because they asked us very tricky questions that you as a parent might ask us. We finished making our model and set it up outside in the pod. We also finished our pamphlets that will be on display during the exit point, we also have displayed our 3 principles poster. We hope you enjoy our exit point, as we are called ECO PARADISE RESORT, a unique world, in your hands. PLEASE VOTE FOR 5S BECAUSE WE ARE ECO!

By: Zoe and Leilaina

Next week we will be enjoying a well-deserved rest on holiday.  After the term 2 break, we are looking forward to starting our new topic ‘Myths and Legends’ and dressing up on the first day back as a mythical/legendary person or beast.  Have a wonderful holiday!




This week we have worked very hard to produce our eco friendly resort as it had been a part of our IPC unit, the holiday show. It involved writing stories, making leaflets and also creating a model of our very own island and resort. Overall, we put in a lot of effort to make our resort and we really enjoyed our project. We hope we made an impact on our results. (Charitra and Katelyn)


Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend the Year 5 Eco-Resort exhibition. We hope you enjoyed the information that the children shared with you.

Next term we will start our new topic ‘Myths and Legends’ and setting out what the children know and how we will build upon this. Have a great holiday! (Mr Lagartixa)

Auditions for this year’s KS2 (Year 3 to 6) talent show will begin on Monday 5th May. House leaders are looking for a range of different acts to showcase their fantastic and unique talents for the main event on Friday 23rd May. Please encourage your children to have a think about what they could do at the audition and to practice over the holidays. House leaders are particularly looking for unique acts that have never been displayed before as well as the singing and dancing that often takes centre stage. This year we will also be having a KS1 talent show but children will not need to audition as all acts will get a chance to perform.

We look forward to seeing all the talented entries.

Any queries then please contact the house captains at