We have had an incredibly busy week this week in Year 6 as we really got going with our river topic. We had two lovely days in Sentul exploring and investigating rivers. 

This is what we are learning next week


6B very much enjoyed their visit to the river in Sentul this week. Being out in the countryside was a real treat and the children particularly liked their small taste of camping as everyone was keen to try the eco-latrines! The children worked hard, despite the heat, and were able to test the speed of the river as well as its Ph and find examples of different rock types. Back in school, our river valley community is taking shape. The 3D model demonstrating the physical features of a river is almost complete and the children have begun to plan the human geographical features for their section. Formal proposals have been presented and are now being written up using our Literacy skills to create a balanced, effective argument. In Maths, we have finished block E2 and the children are now much more confident with improper fractions, simple percentages and ordering fractions. Have a great holiday. 


This week 6I survived the heat outdoors to enjoy their excellent river trip. The day gave them the opportunity to practise their Science, Geography and Art skills through observing, sketching, labelling diagrams and testing samples of the river water. The real life setting helped the children to consolidate some of their knowledge about rivers and their surroundings in a meaningful manner. They also gained some new knowledge about the fascinating features of rocks. They applied their Maths skills to measure a section of the river and calculate the average speed of the river current. In Literacy, 6I have worked hard to develop group proposals about how they believe river areas should be developed. After the break, we will be building a model of the winning river development proposals and preparing for a class debate about the river developments. 


A great time was had by all on Monday when 6S went to the river in Sentul. It was fabulous to be out in the open air, exploring and investigating the varying features of a local river. Slight confusion and giggles were had at the realisation of the camping toilet facilities available! Despite the glaring heat, the children were very focused and tackled each activity with enthusiasm. They were able to use their first-hand experience and knowledge to start to plan their River Community Proposal, as each group has been tasked with the opportunity to design and create a brand new river community, using our classes model. We will use our newly acquired argument skills in Literacy to help present our proposals and vote for the one we feel is most realistic and affective. My Math's group has really worked hard with a diligent attitude on consolidating their knowledge of percentages/decimals/fractions and word problems. Have a fabulous Easter break! 


This week 6J enjoyed a trip to the Cilidung river in Sentul where we spent time identifying features of the river, testing the river speed, measuring water ph levels and sketching and drawing detailed diagrams. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about rivers first hand and apply our developing knowledge in a practical situation. We have since reflected on how humans impact upon rivers and in particular the impact of installing hydroelectric dams. As part of our literacy work on persuasive writing and argument, we have prepared the case for or against dams with groups competing against each other in a class debate. Within their individual speeches, the class have clearly shown that they understand the art of oration and debate as well as how to use persuasive devices. The level of discourse was extremely impressive and engaging which bodes well for writing persuasive text next week. Within mathematics we have been finding fractions and percentages of amounts as well as ordering fractions and this will continue. In IPC we look forward to building a model of river and submitting proposals for the development of a river based site.


This week 6A really enjoyed the river field trip to Sentul as part of our IPC topic, “Go With the Flow”, all about the geography, science and technology of rivers. We had the opportunity to investigate different features of a river first hand. We carefully sketched and labelled the river, measured how clean it was and worked out the speed of flow of the river. We used this information back in school to support our researching in groups of the upper, middle or lower part of the river. The field trip will also help us when we design bridges after the Easter break, as we used and sketched a bamboo suspension bridge during our visit. In Literacy we continued with our unit called “Discussion Texts” by looking at ways of writing arguments both formally and informally . On Friday we really enjoyed the final assembly of the term, particularly the musical items.

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